Sunday, January 19, 2014

Spoilers Sweeties! What's next for Sam and Dean?

So... they broke up. Again. This time, it was Dean who walked away, deciding he was too poisonous to be around, even for Sam. *sigh*

Well, what's next? Will they find their way back to each other (yes, d'uh). Jared talked to Vlada Gleman at TV|Line.

Jared predicts that, "it’s going to take something big” to bridge the gulf between them.
“They’re handling it as you expect them to,” Padalecki adds of the conflict. “Sam kind of goes introverted and Dean goes forward. Sam is more the kind of guy that thinks something out and says, ‘Well, you know, this is where you messed up [and] this is why I’m upset.’… It’s nice dichotomy to catch on camera and, hopefully, Jensen [Ackles] and I get a chance to do a good job with it.”

Meanwhile, Sam will be dealing with the residual effects from Gadreel’s stint in his body. “It’s more emotional than literal and physical, but he certainly is still feeling the bruises,” admits Padalecki.

Okay. We need something big pronto. It sounds like the brothers are going to be working together eventually, well episode 9.12 for sure, but probably not dealing. Again. 

I want to shake them! They need to talk. They are the worst communicators in the history of communicating, meaning the history of the world! I hope Sam says all the somethings he thinks out in his out loud voice and Dean listens. Dean... listen. 

Both are going to be hurting emotionally. You know who they need to get them through this time... THEIR BROTHER. GAH. Boys. Dumbasses. (I loves them).

Jared goes on to discuss the spinoff and how excited he is. You can read the whole interview here.

Over at Screenfad, Clarissa has more from The Carver about what to expect from this week's episode.

Dean and Crowley are on a mission to find the "first sword" so that Crowley can take on Abaddon. The "first sword" is owned by the first son, Cain, played by Psych star, Timothy Omundson. 

But Crowley and Dean working together?  Dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria...

Here's what Carver had to say.

”Dean and Crowley have an especially juicy relationship in terms of being two foes who are constantly butting heads with each other and getting one-up on each other. To see them, for lack of a better term, being in a buddy cop episode, we really play into all the fun there of these two opposites being forced to work together, which also turns into something quite interesting and unique when it comes to their relationship.”

Awesome! I'm loving this whole idea. LOVING IT!

What about Sam, what will he be up to? Well, he'll be back at the bunker (yay!) recuperating and Castiel will be by his side.

"...what we’re going to see are two guys who are, if not rediscovering, are aware of the parallels in their journeys and I think that’s part of their experience together in [this] episode. I think you’ll see both dealing with each other in a way that directly corresponds to the journeys they’ve taken so far this season, as you were saying. It’s impossible for them not to do what they’re setting out to do in that episode without being affected by what’s happened so far with this season. They’re dealing with a lot of issues together.”

I like the idea of Sam and Cas finally having some time together to talk. I've always thought they'd have an excellent understanding of each other, but they've never had much of a chance to hang out and discover that.

The thing is, what is often so interesting for the brothers is to see themselves and their relationship reflected back at them. It's the outsiders who have a clearer picture of the brothers because the brothers are so close, they can't see the good of who they are and what they have for the trees (or the hurt and lies). 

We've had Jody this season say to Sam that what he has with Dean is something special, the kind of something people search for but that Sam and Dean already have. With Crowley's lingering humanity and obvious, begrudging affection for Moose and Squirrel and with Castiel's understanding of the brothers and deep connection to them, hopefully the boys will be in the company of two people who can shake them up, open their eyes and make them think. I'm sure Cas will be taking this role with Sam and I hope, Dean's time with Crowley will be equally as illuminating.

Jeremy goes on to give some more juicy detail about Cain and what the introduction of this character will mean for the mythology of the Winchester brothers. You can read the whole interview here.

As usual, I choose to go forward with optimism. Optimism that these brothers of ours get to where they need to be emotionally to finally understand what they mean to each other. I mean, they know that of course...they just forget sometimes. 

That conversation that they started in "Sacrifice", that they couldn't continue because of what happened to Sam, they need to continue that conversation. That was simply the start of the healing, now it's time to understand each other and what they have and mend their broken relationship once and for all. It took 4 seasons for them to say those words in "Sacrifice", I don't expect them to be all lollipops and rainbows overnight, or ever probably, but happy together...that's all I want for them because I think it's all they want.

Here's hoping.