Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Spoilers Sweeties! Promo and Sneak Peek - Supernatural 9.11 "First Born"

As we all recover from last night and feeling ever single feel the world has ever felt being felt or feeled or both, we aren't given a moment to breathe or you know, stop crying, before the new episode promo and sneak peek are released!

Which is so exciting and will nicely distract us from our Winchester induced trauma!

Here's the promo.

I do love a good buddy comedy. Oh Crowley. How great was Mark in last night's episode! I love Crowley...this little joining of frenemies is going to be a sheer joy to watch. Also, I can't wait to see that fight scene that took 9 hours to shoot. Mmmmmmm fighting Deannnnnnnn...rolling all over furniture..................... Oh, sorry.

And here's the sneak peek!

Oh my gosh. Cas and Sam together. I've wanted to see them hang out for a long time. Just, because, well I think they'd get along great. They have a different dynamic than Dean and Cas and there's been a fair amount of water under the bridge for them (just as there has been for Dean and Cas), so it'll be fun to see them interacting and how that plays out and feels.

Sam being in the bunker is a good thing. Though he let Dean walk, Sam's not going anywhere. He went to back to the bunker. Good. Really good. Now all I need is for him to pick up the phone and tell his brother to come home and to use that specific word. Home. As a friend of mine said to me the other day, I'm writing fanfiction again, aren't I!

What do you think of the promo and the sneak peek? Oh and thanks for that Cas, now I'm jonesing for peanut butter!