Monday, January 27, 2014

Spoilers Sweeties! Promo Pics - Supernatural 9.12 "Sharp Teeth"

Finally! Some promo pics from the next episode! Next being like TOMORROW. Geesh CW, way to make us wait!

Of course... 9.12 "Sharp Teeth" has none other than Garth as our returning character/possible monster of the week.

Enjoy...and I do mean enjoy...these pics!

Aww. Look at that face.

I simply have no words for this photo of Dean. Wait... yeah I do... "g"
(Okay I also have the words, never shave.)

My statement from previous photo continues here.

For some reason I'm hearing "Hisssss".  Probably not...

Ruh-Roh. On a more intelligent note... I like that shirt and Sam's hair is looking glorious as usual!

It is official. Dean Winchester wants to kill me. Kill me with hotness.

Think she's going to tie Sammy up too? I'm confusing reality with porn again aren't I? No wait, I'm confusing...never mind.

Look, that dude has to hold on to the fence while talking to Sam, else he'd faint from the sight of the glorious hair (and everything else).

Those pics were pretty. I'm going to love this episode. Wait. I love every episode. (Except maybe that Mannequin one)



Lookey what just showed up! A few more pics from the episode.

As someone who doesn't eat meat...this is quite possibly my worst dinner party nightmare! (Though I'd suffer it for Dean!)

Just don't ask them to toss you a bread roll Dean! Ewwwww!

Um. No midnight snack for you Dean!
There was a shot very similar to this in "Dog Dean Afternoon". Seems Dean spends a lot of the time gazing into refrigerators! 

So it looks like Dean gets to attend an awkward werewolf family dinner!
Bet you their flatware is not made of silver! Ha!