Friday, January 10, 2014

Videos from the CW - starring Supernatural!

So...The People's Choice... Yes, we didn't go quite as well as we would have hoped, only picking up the Favourite Bromance award. Which might have just as easily been for Jared, Jensen and Misha as it was for Sam and Dean and Castiel! Look at their silly adorableness! It looks like Jensen's up to mischief...

Following the win the CW released a congratulations video for all their winners, which were quite a few! Of course it ends with the most awesomest show of them all! Which has by far the best bit in the promo!

Here's the video...

The CW are also counting down to an all new episode...aren't we all! 

Their first countdown vid stars Jared! Looking... GUH! *grabby hands*

Warning for minor spoiler scene WITH WORRYING WEAPONRY! Feeeeeeeeeels. All the feels.

And did you know that the CW Supernatural facebook page hit 13 million likes this week? 13 million brilliantly, brilliant people!

Here are links to the CW official social media accounts: official CW instagram account, official Supernatural twitter , official Supernatural facebook page , official CW tumblr and official CW YouTube.

4 days left, people. My breathing is getting gaspy!


Jensen is counting down day number 4!

Warning for scene not previously shown - not spoilery though.