Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Spoliers Sweeties! Promo and Sneak Peek for Supernatural 9.13 "The Purge"

Well we can probably all do with a laugh...and a hug...and maybe some gratuitous Sam flesh...and goofy Dean, right?

Welcome to 9.13 The Purge!

Please be to enjoy the following promo and sneak peek!

SWEET LORD OF THE RINGS! Why has it taken 9 seasons to have Sam dressed like THAT! 

Also, somehow Dean can even carry off a hairnet. I mean, it's not's Super...oh you know.

Now are there any Fargo fans out there? "I gotta be honest with ya...oh yar".  Weeee!

Dean with that donut. Sam telling him he has stuff on his face. Dean with that donut. I'm squeeing like a fangirl! Which of course I am! Oh yar! Also, that cop is the best thing ever.

So looks like some much needed lightness...though whats a bet it's pepper with angry at each other brotherly angst. 

Oh yar... good stuff!

Oh and...just because we're talking HOT stuff (for something completely different), The CW has updated their TV Now promo. Yes, it has some of that lovely promo shoot stuff of the guys. Jensen wielding that knife. HOLY... *thud*

Come onnnnnnnnnnnn Tuesday!