Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dean Winchester and the Bunny Slippers Fanart competition... And The Winner Is!

We have a winner!

I wrote a little story about Dean Winchester getting stuck in a pair of bunny slippers and it just screamed for some fanart to accompany it!

So I decided to run a competition, giving away a banner signed by Jared, Jensen and Misha.

I sent out the call and got some great entries. They were all so awesome. I love them all! 

But... I only have one banner, which meant I had to choose!



And the winning entry comes from...


Siv @Kiwisplasj created this brilliant piece, complete with Dean Winchester Chibi!
I love Sam laughing his ass off as Dean scowls and love the detail of the swords on the shelf and that bunny poking his head over one of the photos!

Well done Siv! This banner which I got signed by Jared, Jensen and Misha at Vegascon 2013 is now yours! Congratulations! Your fanart is awesome!

All the pieces entered were fantastic and I want to thank everyone for being part of this really fun project! 

I had so much trouble picking a winner, I decided to give a runner-up prize!

And the runner-up is Aggie!

Aggie, I'm going to be sending you a TV Guide magazine featuring the Supernatural Fan Favourite winning cover and a print of a couple of my personal photos from Vegascon. One of Jensen and one of Jared. I hope you enjoy them.

I think Aggie's drawing is so cute. I love the way Dean's feet are propped up on the table and the insert with the photo pinned to the Impala, complete with bandy legs is a great touch. So fun! And the fluffy pink bunny slippers are adorable!

This is how it looks as a book cover!

While Aggie was working on her piece she sent me this one too!

Here are the rest of the fantastic entries.
I loved them all so much I'll be popping a couple of prints of my personal photos of the guys from Vegascon into the mail to everyone. I hope you all like them!

Here's Sophie's entry @ SophieHopkinsX 
I love that the slippers look like they're magical, because they were! Sophie really caught a familiar picture of Dean too. Great work Sophie!

The next one is from Jilly @jillyrulz
Jilly managed to get a couple of Sam and Dean dolls to actually pose for her! Adorable! I really love the Allen's bunny slippers box and Sam's knife! Nice touch, Jilly!
(By the way, is that Jensen's signature I see poking out of Dean's sleeve?)

Roxy patchworkcas.tumblr.com sent in a couple versions. Dean's face is hilarious. He's so proud of himself and so happy with his slippers! Look at him! I adore the "You love them". So cute!

And Sue @suenash19 sent in this wonderful drawing.
Don't you love Sam's laugh and well, Dean in a singlet. I'm not complaining!

Pop me an email, guys with postal addresses and I'll get your prizes to you!

Please join me in congratulating everyone on their epic skills!

Thank you so much for reading the story and liking it enough to want to contribute some of your brilliant art!

You guys ROCK!