Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Day Misha Collins Followed Someone On Twitter - William Shatner!

We all know that the Supernatural fandom, Misha's minions, GISHWHES, the Clock Twitters (or Clock People as he calls them) are a never ending source of bafflement to William Shatner; AKA Captain James T. Kirk. It's been most enjoyable seeing him be bamboozled by it all.

And we all know Misha doesn't follow anyone on twitter...

Until now! Because today Mr Shatner and the Overlord started following each other!

Will this be the end of the Universe as we know it? Will this joining of two almighty oddballs cause a crack in the fabric of time and space? Is this the first sign of the Apocalypse? (If it is, at least we all know what to do!) 

Only time will tell... But one thing it is for sure; it's AWESOME!

Ooo Misha changed his icon! From Dallascon...with Icarus!

Hmmm... What do you think they're DMing about? Terrifying.

Is this ship called "Shollins"?