Sunday, January 19, 2014

Supernatural News: The week that was. January 19 edition.

What a week! So much good news and awesome gorgeousness! Plus hellatus finished! Yay!

So what were the highlights from this Supernatural week that was?

With the new episode looming and the Television Critics' Association tour happening, it was time for The Carver to spill some beans on what to expect in the back end of the season. Excuse me while I laugh out loud! Jeremy Carver is incapable of spilling beans! He is the spolierphobes of all spoilerphobes. But we did get some interviews and he did talk about Castiel's arc, the upcoming Crowley/Dean episode (this week!), Kevin and the plight of the prophets - we've got an answer to that already, Dean's dark angsty mood and the brothers and Sam's reaction to the Gadreel fiasco. We started to see the beginnings of that at the end of the new episode, so reading what he said with hindsight becomes more even interesting.

You can find some of the (non) spoilers and links to various interviews here.

Next up we got the synopsis for episode 9.13 and the title for episode 9.17 - "Mother's Little Helper" which by the way, is the episode that Misha is directing. I think he'll start prepping that soon! As well as promo pics from this week's episode, 9.11 guest starring Timothy Omundson.

At the CW panel at the Television Critics' Association media tour, the head of the network, Mark Pedowitz, spoke about the future of Supernatural. In case you didn't know, Mark's a fan. He watches the show with his daughter and the Js have both spoken about how he's visited them on set and wined and dined them. So we have Mr Pedowitz very much on our side. 

So how long can Supernatural go? That depends on us, the viewers, to keep tuning in and by the sounds of things, the Js and the people making the show, because Mark, he's cool to see it go on and on! 
Awww fanboy! He doesn't want to let go either. 

He also discussed a little bit about the Supernatural spinoff, which we knows kicks into gear in 9.20. You can read the article from IGN here.


It was announced during the week - actually just before the event, that Jensen and Jared would be presenting at this year's Critics' Choice Movie Awards! And present they did. In tuxedos and all!

In front of an audience that included the likes of Tom Hanks, Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio and Oprah, our beautiful boys got up and presented the award for Best Animated Feature. And they shone. They were awesome. Plus they were the best looking dudes in a room full of good looking dudes! Actually, they were even prettier than all the ladies! 

The Js walked the red carpet. Danneel joined Jensen but Gen stayed in Vancouver with the new bub. They did several interviews and we got lots of red carpet and back stage snaps. Such a treat.

Last time they presented was 2006! Look at the babies! Naww.

I got all the shots and red carpet interviews and a video of their presentation in what has become an epic blog post! So if you missed anything, you'll probably find it here. Enjoy, and you're welcome! (So proud of them.)

We welcome a new baby to the Supernatural family! A.J. Buckley and his finace have a baby girl! Congratulations A.J.!

And of course we got a new episode.

Supernatural was back with a bang that left us all whimpering. "Road Trip" was a cracker, emotionally powerful and set up some intriguing and heart wrenching scenarios. If you'd like to read my thoughts on the episode and what I think the "problem" might be, my review is here.

And that my friends was the Supernatural week that was!