Wednesday, January 22, 2014

RATINGS BABIES! Supernatural rocks it!

Well, hey. I don't usually do ratings posts...though I LOVE me some ratings.

In case you don't know I work in promos in network television so ratings are a part of my everyday. Like every morning...I check the ratings. Sometimes the nature of my day and how stressful it will be hangs off those pesky numbers! New show launches....NERVOUS NEXT MORNING!

So ratings babies! Yeah.

Last night's Supernatural - episode 9.11 "First Born" - was a CRACKER and our ratings showed it. Actually what our ratings have shown this season is an increase in audience - regardless of the move to Tuesday - and a holding steady of audience numbers, implying a viewer satisfaction and engagement with the show.

I'd also add, that week to week our numbers are higher than The Originals - which is also doing great. So our numbers increase from our lead in show. Last year with our lead in being Arrow, our numbers dropped slightly. Arrow's numbers were very strong. It's a lead in show's job to keep the audience "flow" (sorry Priestly) through to the next show, that's why having the lead in show match with the show it precedes, having similar target audiences, is so important. Both Arrow and The Originals have show to be an excellent lead in, BUT this season we have more people tuning in when Supernatural starts, than tuning out. WHICH IS EXCITING! 

So what were last night's numbers?

1.1 and 2.70 million viewers! 

Not only that, Supernatural had its most watched episode since 2010! Statistically a drama in its 9th season would have lower ratings, or at least flat ratings. It's beyond unusual for a drama with this lifespan to grow an audience!


Oh yeah baby!

Here's the press release.

Last night's Supernatural was the series' most watched episode (2.7M) in more than three years (10/15/10).

Week to week, Supernatural was up 22% in total viewers and up 10% in both W18-34 (1.1/3) and in A18-49 (1.1/3), and flat in A18-34 (0.9/3).

Supernatural outrated original episodes of ABC's comedies in the 9pm hour in A18-34, and W18-34, and outrated Trophy Wife in the 9:30-10pm half hour in A18-49.

Well shit! So awesome! 

Now - 2 things. Apparently in some markets (2.4%) the show was pre-empted for Basketball, so these numbers may be adjusted up a little bit when the final numbers come through for the episode. Also, it'll be interesting to see where the numbers end up sitting once the LIVE+7days DVR numbers come in. 

Here's a little chart that shows our increase year on year to date. This is via and reflects the all important 18-49 demographic (the demo most illusive and therefore most attractive to advertisers). These numbers do include the LIVE+7days DVR ratings, though as this was posted today - 22 January 2104 - it will not include the most recent DVR ratings. 

Supernatural is the only returning series on the CW to grow in audience numbers!

It was a fantastic episode. It's been an amazingly consistent and intriguing season. 

Congratulations to everyone at Supernatural. 


Can anyone say early pickup?