Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Women of Letters Podcast - The all Aussie Supernatural Podcast! Episode 18 - An indepth discussion of "Road Trip" and "First Born".

In the latest edition of the Women of Letters Podcast, Jules from the Supernatural Wiki and yours truly have an indepth chat about the first two episodes of 2014 - "Road Trip" and "First Born".

We look at the extension of the mytharc regarding Cain and possible scenarios of how painfully that might play out, as well as looking at the brother's current relationship upheaval and Castiel's and Crowley's parallel stories surrounding their humanity residue.

Plus we also talk facial hair...the magnificent beard of Timohty Omundson and also, shaggy Dean's oh so beautiful ranga beard (that's a ginger beard for non-Aussies). And when I say we discuss...I mean me!

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