Friday, January 24, 2014

35 Things I Love About Dean Winchester - A Birthday Tribute.

His heart. Dean Winchester has a beautiful heart. He’s caring, even when he doesn’t mean to be and he’s softer than he wants anyone to know… but everyone still does.

 His epic one-liners. Dean Winchester has a smart mouth and a quick wit.

He’s great with kids. He knows how to talk to them. He’s patient and he’s gentle.

His deep, gravelly voice. His voice has got sexier as he’s got older. Now, he almost growls!

His flirty nature. He can flirt like no one else and he knows when to use it. He’s absolutely aware of his charms.

His explosive anger. I love Dean when he’s cranky. It’s super hot.

The way he wears flannel/t-shirts/henleys/no shirt/jeans. He’s basically a clothes horse.

He can be silly and playful. He has a goofy side that’s super endearing.

His passion for the ladies. He loves women and he’s not afraid to show it or say it.

He loves classic rock. Any man who loves AC/DC is good with me.

He’s brave and badassed. He takes no shit and will stand and fight until the end. 

His love of porn and how he's not shy about loving porn. There's a kind of joy to that.

His fear of flying. He owns it and that’s kind of cool.

He’s a gentle lover. The way he never lost eye contact with Anna as he pulled off her jeans… 
Hot damn.

He’s not afraid to show his feelings. He will tell you how he feels when he needs to, or wants to and that includes telling you how much he cares for you and how important you are to him.

He secretly loves to hug. The guy's a hugger. He gives good hug.

His mind. Dean’s whip smart. He can assess a situation quickly and he can figure out most anything. Even when you think he’s being fooled, he’s on to it.

He’s loyal. Sometimes to a fault and sometimes to his own detriment. But he will always fight for those he loves no matter what.

He's deeply damaged. He’s so broken inside, but something about that makes him even more beautiful because all you want to do is hold him and protect him.

He rolls with the punches. It's like you can't shock him. He just goes, "Okay" and goes with it.

His love of the magic fingers. Dean’s a pleasure machine. He loves feeling good. Though he doesn't often get a chance to.

His inner strength. He keeps getting up to face each day. How he can do that, sometimes baffles me.

His future thigh holster. That is quite possibly the hottest thing ever.

He doesn’t quit, even when he wants to. He will keep going, even if he’s desperate to stop. Dean will never, ever stop fighting.

He’s adaptable. Put him in 1944 or 1861 or prison and Dean will fit in.

His bowlegs. They are perfection. Long walking shots of Dean are a thing of beauty.

His tattoo. It’s just hot. I wish we'd see it more.

He’s sassy. He can be about to get his heart ripped out, literally and he can still sass. He even back talked Lucifer.

His flaws. I think his flaws make him beautiful and I love each and every one of them. He's far from perfect, which weirdly makes him perfect.

His love of the Impala. Damn, he loves that car and he takes real good care of her.

He’s a hero without even thinking about it. It's just who he is.

His one perfect tear. Breaks my damn heart every time.

His face. His face is so stunning it's like looking into the sun. The freckles... The green eyes... The lashes... The lips. When he smiles he lights up the world. When he cries we all cry with him.

His love of family. Family means everything to Dean and he accepts people as family whether they’re blood or not.

How he loves Sam.
He loves his brother so completely. He loves him more than anything in the world. Sam is Dean's heart and soul. 

Happy 35th birthday baby 
I love you to the moon and back

I could have gone on and on...hard to stop at 35! What are the things you love most about Dean?