Sunday, December 29, 2013

Supernatural Season 9 So Far - A Recap of My Favourite Moments...In Pictures!

It's no secret I'm digging Season 9! There's not been an episode that has even left me, meh. Which I can't say about the last few seasons, where there was at least one episode in the first half of each season that was a teeny bit lack luster (though enjoyable...always enjoyable!) But not 9, at least not for me!

Now like every Supernatural season, 9 has been chocked full of angst. The mid-season finally was devastating, leaving us all in buckets of tears and breathlessly terrified about what's to come. But there were lots of moments in season 9 that didn't rip our hearts out, or at least, if they did, they were awesome as they did it. So here is a look at a few of my favourite moments from season 9...through pictures! And I'll admit right here, some of the pictures are purely for the pretty...because those Winchesters, well damn if they don't keep getting prettier!

9.01 I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here

Dean. Just Dean in this whole episode. So desperate and so scared and making a decision that he knew was wrong because he couldn't see any other way and he can't see a life without Sam in it. It was heartbreaking to watch him struggle.

Bobby! It was so great to see Bobby. Of course, we knew he was coming back, but this was in a such great way. I loved that for Sam, Bobby was the voice in Sam's head that said Sam had done enough and it was okay to let go (just like I loved that the part of Sam that wanted to fight was represented by Dean.) 

Smarty pants Dean! I love it when the guys show their great big brains and I especially love it when Dean shows his...because it demonstrates how he's not just a grunt, but as smart as a whip. I love that he can draw all the anti-angel sigils from memory!

And this was an awesome smart move.

Sam and Death. This was a wonderful moment when Death said to Sam "Well played, my boy" and whether you believe it was actually Death or a creation of Death in Sam's mind, to have those words said to Sam and to have the possibility of Sam actually believing those words felt very good and very right.

"There ain't no me if there ain't no you"
Definition of how Dean feels about Sam and him....

Castiel's laundromat striptease and his pretty white boxers! I have nothing else to say here!

There should be a law against anyone looking this beautiful with this much blood on their face. But I'm so glad there's not.

Oh Dean, he didn't want to lie... Ack.

9.02 Devil May Care
Oh my gosh I loved this episode!

And this shot!

The resurrection of Abaddon was brilliant.

This demon nanna was awesome. Stupid. But awesome.

Kevin Freakin' Solo!

For freckles reasons.

It shouldn't have been as hot as it was, I'm sure. And part of me felt dirty afterwards.... but my oh my, Dean and Abaddon's face off was smokin'! Also, thanks for the flash of Dean's tatt!

I gasped. Literally. It was one of the most breathtaking images the show has given us. The angel within Sam firing up with the tattered and broken wings of the fallen. It was spectacular and hot and somehow, really suited Sam.

This face. Just for face reasons.

9.03 I'm No Angel

Cass' toothpaste fail was kind of adorable.

I for one, am glad Cass had a nice moment - even if it ended up being not so nice. (Hey, one night stands, Cass!) But in that moment, he didn't know and he had fun and felt good and that doesn't happen much for Cass. Plus he has a tatt and that's really rather awesome.

The moment when Cass blurted out that he'd had the sex with the reaper and the brother's faces. Gold. Bless. 

9.04 Slumber Party

Dean picking up a copy of Game of Thrones so that he and Sam can kick back and watch some TV together! 
Honestly, I could have a whole episode of them pottering around the bunker, cooking, watching TV, doing laundry, slothing around, lying on the couch...maybe in trackpants... Sorry. Distracted myself! (*swoon*)

Squee! Look at them hanging out in Sam's room. Also, Sam's room!

(also this tumblr version)

I loved the imagery of Oz created by the talented VFX team.

 And that Charlie got to go on her very own adventure.

And this shot... I love this shot. Look at them.

9.05 Dog Dean Afternoon

Squeeeeee! This episode!

I loved this moment between Sam and Dean.

And how wonderfully familiar this felt...

Then. THIS. Oh my gosh... this. I needed video for this. 

Then this...

And this...

And this!

Sam and the Yorkie!

And though this was not a happy moment, the way Jared was snapping between Ezekiel/Gadreel was amazing. It gave me whiplash. He did such a great job.

9.06 Heaven Can Wait

Every single moment between Sam and Crowley

This face, for face reasons.

 Cass and his baby date and singing the theme for Greatest American Hero. Awwww. 

Sam busting Crowley shooting up the blood - because, what does it mean?

9.07 Bad Boys

Another one I completely loved!

I loved Sam discovering things about Dean as we did. It made it all the more special to take that journey through an unknown part of Dean's history, with Sam,

Dean with kids. I love seeing Dean with kids. He's just great with them.

One of the best and most gruesome deaths for ages! The horror!

And I literally had to look away for this scene. I had my hands over my eyes! Lawnmowers. Eesh!

This moment... This moment. When young Dean looked out the window and saw his little brother outside in the Impala and a smile just spread across his face. In that moment, Dean knew the only place he wanted to be was by Sam's side. I loved this moment. I burst into tears.

Then we had the grown up version...

SAM: Dean ... Thank you.

DEAN: For what?

SAM: For always being there, for – having my back. Look, I know it always hasn't been easy …

DEAN: I don't know what the hell you're talking about.

These brothers...

9.08 Rock and a Hard Place

Well...what do you think was a highlight of this episode for me? Huh?

But before I get to that... Jody Mills! I love Sheriff Mills. May she do many more episodes. She's plain awesome. Awesome.

Sam and Dean's faces when they realised they were about to enter the brave new world of rehymenation!

Then of course... there was this. Oh, yes. This. Once is required!

Let's just look at Dean's speech, um, climax face one more time.

And Sam's...oh Dean face.

I love Sam and Jody. I love the relationship that has developed between them. There's a nice respect. There's a nice protective mum vibe from Jody. I like them together so much. I love that Sam has this friendship with Jody. I want more Sam and Jody moments.

Personally, I liked the moment when Dean told Suzie that she was the good dreams.

And personally I think Dean Winchester is the good dreams...

Once again, we finished on a terrifying moment with Ezekiel/Gadreel blocking Dean telling Sam the truth and the new knowledge that it looks like Sam's not being healed at all. And once again, Jared snapped in and out of the angel with amazing ease. I love this cap, because it captures a mixture of both the angel and Sam.

And Dean's face spoke for all of us...

9.09 Holy Terror

An episode that truly lived up to its title.

I adored the blood splattered church glee club. What a fantastic visual.

And another amazing set build by Jerry Wanek and his team.

I loved Cass trying to fit in with the guys. He's even more awkward as a human than he is as an angel hanging out with humans!

There was this moment where Sam was researching and Dean scooched his chair around to sit by Sam. I love little moments like that. They are small and sometimes go unnoticed, but I always think they mean a lot and say a lot about the bros.

Honestly, one of my favourite screencaps ever. Jared looks like a giant!

For face and hair reasons.

There's part of me that's disappointed we didn't get to see more of Castiel in his human form and part of me that's happy he's angeled back up. I'm not sure where human Cass could have gone. Of course, angel Cass will be off doing his own thing, because we know he can't be hanging out with the Winchesters solving all their problems. I liked Cass diving in and pinching someone's Grace. Last resort. Time of war. Go Castiel!

The moment when Dean discovered he had no clue who the angel was that he let inside his brother was both heartbreaking and breathtakingly beautiful.

I'm interested to see what the deal is with this Gadreel cat, because there was definitely a degree of conflict on his face over pretty much everything that Metatron threw at him.

I really wished this had happened and it hadn't been Gadreel faking being Sam. For a multitude of reasons. It was such a wonderful scene. Dean was torn apart as he told his "brother" the truth and Gadreel was horrifically perfect as Sam. It's scenes like these that reinforce how damn lucky we are to have a couple of actors the calibre of Jensen and Jared and who have the easy relationship that they have, delivering scenes like this. Powerful stuff. These guys rock.

Speaking of powerful stuff. The end of Holy Terror showcased Jensen's remarkable talents at showing raw emotion. The devastation on Dean's face in those final moments. He was broken. I was broken. We were all broken. Where we go next, can only hurt like hell. 

So there are just a few (yes this constitutes a few) of some of my favourite pictorial moments of season 9 so far.

What have been some of yours? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks so much for reading, looking, watching!