Monday, December 23, 2013

The new Padababy has arrived! Happiness told through tweets!

It's so nice to have some wonderful news to celebrate in the Supernatural family!

Jared and Gen have had another little boy. A brother for Thomas!

As we know the Padaleckis have been in Seattle awaiting the arrival of the new mini-Moose.

Yesterday the fandom tribal drums started when the Padaleckis' good friend Natalia Cordova sent out a tweet that got everyone buzzing!

Clif tweeted a silly photo, so we knew he was in Seattle (Clif, never say the words banana hammock again!) Apparently he picked up this attractive little number in the hotel gift shop.

Then we had the first tweet from Jared himself.  Such a tease! Man he hates Romo!

Followed by Clif chiming in with a few teasing tweets!

Then the news we'd all be waiting for....

Awwwww! Such wonderful news!

There were many lovely congratulatory tweets from the Supernatural family.

Then... Jared started teasing us again!

Jared's manager joined in...

A couple of days later, Clif added his voice to the shenanigans!

Oh Jared, what did you start?

The fandom decided, until the real name was revealed, they were going with Welco. So they tried to get #WelcoPadalecki to trend.

Then a parody twitter appeared...

Kale, even had an opinion! (I think Misha runs the Kale twitter...)

Little Welco even has his own Keep Calm poster!

from @SOB_DWinchester!

(To be continued...)

Much love and congratulations to Jared and Gen on the healthy arrival of their new son and to Thom who now has a little bro...

2 brothers. Remind you of anything?


Shepherd! Awww.

Well, now I can close off this entry!

Welcome Shepherd Padalecki! You're a bigun!