Sunday, December 22, 2013

Spoilers Sweeties! Supernatural episode titles 9.10 - 9.16


So, as we patiently (not patiently) wait for the next new episode of Supernatural, let's look at the upcoming titles. Of course, these may change, but at the moment, this is what we (think) we know.

January 14 - 9.10 “Road Trip”

January 21 - 9.11 – “First Born” 

January 28 - 9.12 – “Sharp Teeth”

February 4 - 9.13 – “The Purge” (previously “Let the Fat One In”)

MINI HIATUS (Booooo!) - This is during the Winter Olympics

February 25 - 9.14 – “Captives” (previously “Old Friends”)

March 4 - 9.15 – “Blade Runners” (previously called “Back in Black”) 

March 11 - 9.16 – “Thinman”

Usually an episode title in someway relates to not just what's happening in episode but often, on a deeper level, where the mythology is. Layers. Supernatural love their layers, even when it comes to titles!

One thing we do know for sure, 9.11 has Timothy Omundson staring as Cain, of Cain and Abel fame - so there's the first born reference! Apparently this will open up a new arm of the Winchester mythology. How I love a bit of back story!

So what are your thoughts? Feel like throwing a few theories around about what these titles may mean?