Friday, May 16, 2014

Spoilers Sweeties! Promo photos from Supernatural season 9 finale! "Do You Believe In Miracles"

Well. This is IT! The season 9 finale. I am full of scaredness! Everyone is freaking me out...particularly you, Jensen! Sush! You're frigtening us! (Never sush, we love listening to you.)

So here are the promo pics for the SEASON FINALEEEEEEEEEEE. *insert echo echo echo*.

Ready? Let's flip out together! Weeeeee!

I have a feeling Dean does not get trapped in the bunker dungeon for too long. I also have a feeling he's summoning his BFF from Hell! 
I love that these guys are so smart about this kind of stuff. It makes my heart all swelly.

And look! Here he is, all trapped in a Devil's trap...where I predict, he won't stay for long!

I won't lie, I like it when Dean growls. I don't like why, but I do like the outcome of why. Like, quite a bit. As in a lot. As in OH BOY! *fans self*
(Look at him. Just, LOOK!)

What's behind door 7B? I feel significance to this number. So I googled it. 
Matthew 7:7 talks about the gateway to Heaven. Genesis 4:7 talks about the gateway to Heaven. Hmmmmmmm.
Of course, it's probably just a door labeled 7B.

Actually it's just the door in the bunker. Damn. I like my theories!
 Oh well, I have learnt so much bible stuffs from Supernatural!

Um. Character spoiler.

Legs. Of character spoiler?

The fact that Castiel kept the pimp mobile is the best. And the fact that it matches his trench is the bestest.
(p.s. I have a feeling the last three pics were out of order!)

That is all.

Ugh. I don't want Dean working with Crowley anymore. Because Crowley is working Dean. I'm sure of it. I'm sure he has a plan for him and the whole shebang. I'm sure it wasn't just, kill Abaddon. He knows too much. Look at that shifty face. LOOK AT IT. Did I mention ugh?

Oh nuts. This is not going to go anywhere good. I can feel it in my waters. Unless they're just swinging by Brownsville for a beer and pub lunch! Yay! :D

Is Crowley back to living in a mobile home? Because, cool!

Boys. Together. (But not like, together together).

Sam in full stride is a sight to behold. Clothes and hair all wind swept. It's windy up high where he is!

My baby. Oh... MY! I won't lie, Blade!Dean is smokin' hot. But he makes me painfully sad too. I'm so sad for him. So very sad. I want that mark off his damn arm.
But not like, you know Krycek Tunguska style or anything!

Are they on a boat? Did Metatron join the merchant navy or something?
Metatron: "I'm on a boat"
(Sorry, just had to (not sorry))

*wibble* to infinity and beyond.

I gotta admit it. I'm totes freaked out. I have no idea what's going to happen in this finale and the ideas I do have make my stomach ache. I'm more nervous and excited about this finale than I have been since, well probably "Swan Song", because it feels THAT big, it feels like whatever will happen will be that catastrophic. Catastrophic to the characters and catastrophic to my feels! Which makes me terrified, yet so thrilled. And isn't that soooo Supernatural?

That this show, after 9 seasons, can remain this exciting and surprising is astonishing in itself. It just keeps on bringing it. And I'm sure, on Wednesday night (I am in Australia remember), I will be shaking my fists at the TV through a veil of tears, while I rock back and forth muttering "5 months. 5 months"!

Damn I love this show!

(A founding member of the League of Squee)