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The Light on Spoilers, Heavy on Squee Preview of the Supernatural Season Finale! 9.23 "Do You Believe In Miracles"

*runs around screaming*

Well. This is it. The season 9 finale. Ahead us lies unknown horror followed by 5 months of hand wringing! Remind me why we watch this show again? Oh yeah...because IT'S AWESOME!

So let's take a quick look at what's been going on....



Sam was dying after going through the trials and stopping short of closing the gates of Hell. To save his brother, Dean did a deal with an unknown angel, and tricked Sam into saying "yes" even though he knew that Sam would not be on board with his plan.

The angel Dean let inside Sam turned out to be an impostor and not the angel Dean thought him to be. When said angel, (revealed to be Gadreel, the angel who let Lucifer into the garden), teamed with Metatron, in order to demonstrate his allegiance, Metatron made him kill Kevin. So Gadreel, wearing Sam, burned Kevin out of his body while a helpless Dean watched on. A-wahhhh!

When Sam was finally released from Gadreel's possession, he let loose a world of angry hurt onto his brother, implying to Dean that he no longer felt that Dean was a brother to him and allowing Dean to believe that Sam would not save Dean if placed in the same situation.

This, along with Dean's own guilt over what he did to Sam and what happened to Kevin because of his actions, made Dean flee and in a desperate state, team up with Crowley who managed to manipulate Dean, which led to finding Cain, taking on the Mark of Cain no questions asked and agreeing to kill Abaddon if Crowley could bring him the First Blade. The tragic play was set in motion.

Dean is now infected by the Mark and all that comes with it - a terrible burden. Every time he uses the First Blade, he becomes more bound to it and addicted to the power that surges through him. Every kill seems to make him stronger. He can even move the Blade with his mind!

Sam, even though still pissed at his brother, has put his feelings of hurt to the side for the time being, as his concern over Dean's behaviour increases. Sam is worried. As well he should be.

Regardless of all of this, the brothers remain together, even with everything said and done and through their emotional estrangement.


Castiel lost his grace when Metatron stole it to cast the spell that tossed the angels out on their asses and made them fall to earth. Cas then stole another angel's grace to power back up. Unfortunately, that stolen grace is burning out... and taking Cas with it.

Metatron believes he is writing the new history of life, the Universe and everything and has positioned himself in Heaven as the new God, offering the angels a way "home", if they pledge allegiance to him. He is also considering buying a trench coat.

Gadreel is still Metatron's lackey, however,  as Metatron's ruthless tactics are revealed, the angel appears to be having doubts about the side he has chosen. Gadreel has spoken to Castiel and when last seen, was bleeding out Grace after coming hat in hand to the bunker and being sliced open by a feral Dean Winchester wielding the First Blade!


Abaddon, in all her glory has been dispatched in an epic demonstration of what the Mark of Cain and the First Blade can do when combined. Dean killed her, and then some. Apparently with a wind machine somewhere in the vacinity.

Crowley has ingratiated himself with a vulnerable Dean. He has a plan for Dean and Dean, unwittingly, has played right into Crowley's hands. However, Crowley is still affected by traces of humanity left behind by the trials and amplified by his continued consumption of human blood. This made him save his son, who plucked from the past, is now living in the present and doing God knows what to the time, space continuum! Crowley may also have a huge crush on Moose.


What affect is the Mark of Cain having on Dean and where will that lead?

How can the brothers repair their eternally tested relationship. Can Sam forgive Dean? Does Dean currently give a damn?

What's going to happen to Castiel if he can't retrieve his own grace. Is Cas about to go up in a burst of fiery bright light?

Can Metatron be stopped? 

Has Gadreel truly flipped teams?

Will the gates of Heaven finally be opened so the souls trapped in the veil (including Kevin) can pass on?

What the hell is Crowley really up to? What is his plan for Dean? What is his plan for everyone?!


*tiny voice* What is going to happen? Tell meeeee!

Let's take a look at the incredibly vague synopsis...

“Do You Believe in Miracles” 

THE SHOCKING SEASON FINALE — Dean (Jensen Ackles) feels the effects of the First Blade, and Metatron (guest star Curtis Armstrong) makes his move against humanity. Meanwhile, Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean and Castiel (Misha Collins) face shocking consequences when taking the fight to Metatron (guest star Curtis Armstrong). Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Jeremy Carver (#923).   

Yeah...that gives us exactly diddly squat! Apparently, stuff will happen that has shocking consequences. Well, thank you captain obvious!

The finale is penned by The Carver, who gave us the season opener, "I think I'm Gonna Like It Here" and of course, last season's beautiful finale, "Sacrifice". He's a lovely writer so I'm definitely looking forward to what he has in store for us this time around! Thomas J. Wright this season directed "Holy Terror" and "Meta Fiction", two incredibly important episodes.

Okay, so...seeing as there is nothing to discuss from the synopsis, let's start off with the CW promo.

I think Dean really needs to kill! Meep. So we finally get a bit more intel on the Mark/First Blade combo and what it's doing to Dean. The more he kills, the better he feels. But what happens if he stops killing? Is he going to get sick, like when Sam stopped the trials? Though Cain gave up killing and threw away the Blade, and controlled his urge to kill, so it must be possible to separate yourself from it. Though Dean is not Cain. 

There's so much going on in this promo. Crowley being summoned by Dean, why do I think this is bad. Sammy trying to stop Dean, why do I think this is bad. Angels beating the snot out of someone. Gadreel looking rather dead (though I don't think he is), Sam shooting WHO? Something blowing up, Dean flying through the air, and the confrontation between Dean and Metatron...on a boat apparently. Whew, that's a lot of stuff!

How about the CHCH promo?

Pretty much the same - something is happening to Dean and he finally seems concerned about it. Huzzah! Will we find out what the Mark and the First Blade are truly doing to him? Sam tries to stop Dean and Metatron sends Dean flying. That was a pretty cool edit by the way, those 2 scenes cut well together! What will Dean do to Sam to get out of the bunker. Eeep.

Here's the sneak peek clip.

Angry Dean is angry... Awww "Sam. Sammy?" Remind you of another scene in another season? Dean has had to do this for Sam once too.

We know Dean doesn't stay in the dungeon. We know he summons Crowley, who I'm assuming lets Dean out. On the way, Dean runs into Sam in the bunker... then stuff happens and there are shocking consequences.


This is the part where I throw out some of the theories doing the rounds, so if you don't want to read these, skip down to the last three paragraphs!

Yeah, so. Jensen read the season finale script and was surprised that they "went there", he then said at the upfronts that the finale is a real "eye opener". He wanted us to remember he said that. Jared said, something happens that the brothers can't just bounce back from and it could set up mythology for seasons to come. Misha said it's disturbing and will freak us out. How y'all feeling? Worried much?

I'm really shit at predicting what will happen in this show and I don't even try. Many theories are swirling around this fandom and have passed my way. One is that one of the brothers will kill the other. Obviously this relates to the Mark of Cain mythology. Also obviously, neither brother can really die, or at least, die permanently. I'm not sure this is going to happen...or that it would play out as simple as this.

There are thoughts that maybe Dean's eyes will go black. According to Jensen it is the last second that will blow our minds. This would go with his "a real eye opener" comment that he then reinforced with asking us to remember that he said that.

There's also the theory that Sam could be faced with the same situation that Dean was faced with at the beginning of the season. Having to make that choice, to save his brother no matter what the outcome. I like this one. This would be a nice circular path in this season's mythology. Does Dean want to die because of the Mark, or is prepared to kill himself to stop Metatron, like Sam was prepared to do with the trials and closing the gates of Hell? But Sam stops Dean, like Dean did Sam? The consequences for Sam were that he was on death's door and ended up with an angel all up inside him. Could the consequences of Sam's actions to prevent Dean dying be that Dean is no longer wholly human?

There would be lovely symmetry to the above and it could, dependent on Dean's state, set the brothers back onto a path of understanding and possibly healing. I've said all along that this particular journey was not about apologies, but about understanding, something I think the brothers have always struggled with. Neither ever fully understanding the other's road, even though they share the ride and share so many steps along the way.

Jared said at A12 over the weekend, that Sam was lying to Dean when he said he wouldn't save Dean. That of course Sam would. He was simply angry and trying to injure Dean. And Dean would have seen that eventually and understood it, had it not been for the influence of the Mark. He said that both brothers love each other equally and that love is now, and was always there.

This is something I've believed and screamed from the rooftops since "The Purge"! So it was great to hear Jared say all that. I never believed Sam meant those words...

If this is the case, it could set the stage for Sam to save Dean from this new, dark destiny. Something I know we would all love very much to see. I'm sure that would do Dean's heart the world of good...unless he is no longer Dean...

Hey, but chances are NONE of this speculation is going to happen! Because this is Supernatural and one thing it always manages to do is surprise us! Remember those falling angels?

Whatever will happen we can all rest easy, we have another season. Both the Js are onboard - obviously - and totally jazzed by how the show and where the story is going. Just a glimpse of their excited interviews at the upfronts should (but probably won't) still some of those voices in the fandom that believe Jensen and Jared no longer enjoy their jobs. Jensen did say this was a hard season for him and he's glad to move past it. He's said repeatedly that this story was a difficult one on him and it took a toll. But in the meet and greet I did with Jensen in Las Vegas, he said that regardless of that, he was enjoying exploring this side of Dean and was enjoying the story and getting to play Mark of Cain Dean and having such a significant role in the was just emotionally exhausting for him. We also know that Misha will return next season, so we know that Castiel will be back in some form or another. Beyond that it's anyone's guess...though Jared did kind of say something in one of the upfronts interviews that sounded like another character may make it through into season 10.

So, this is it guys! The big one! The season 9 finale. May we all come together afterwards to support each other in our probable emotional flailing state! Time for fandom to hug it out I say! We'll have 5 months to speculate what will happen to these brothers that we all love so much. Hopefully the team will be at Comic Con and we'll get a few vague hints! And maybe we'll see some sneaky shots, if someone is clever enough with their phone camera!

Enjoy the episode guys. Revel in the fact that we have our wonderful show and that we have at least one more year. Possibly more! Who knows! Bask in the glory that is Sam and Dean. Celebrate Supernatural! And carry on my wayward sons...


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