Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Promotional photos and SNEAK PEEK Clip - Supernatural 9.18 "Meta Fiction"

Soooooo just under a week to go and we've got some promo pics and a sneak peek! Now before you go getting excited, there are not promo pics of Dean showering and the sneak peek is not of him suddsing up. DAMN IT. But there is still plenty of awesome!

It looks like Cas has been cornered by fangirls...AGAIN!

Then freeze frame. Then cut to black, act out.
Freeze frame.
Um...Yeah. Freeze frame.

Casually leaning on the Impala looking awesome.

I think keeping their distance from Metatron is a good idea. Also it doesn't make him look so wee in the frame next to the gigantic Moose and pretty big Squirrel!

Cas and his sexy angel girlfriends. Or maybe captors. Either/or they're sexy!

That's just your finger, Metatron...not a gun.

Did they have Gadreel stashed in the trunk? 
"Impala - with a trunk big enough for carrying demons or angels!" 
That should be the Impala's tag line.

The gangs all here (and their fists are balled, so they're either mad or it was freezing the day they shot this!)

Oh Dean and your frowny face. So purdy.

Um. Um. *sigh* Um.

Casual no tie Cas. I like. This is a lovely shot of him!

Action shot with Baby!

Wouldn't you just love to be driving down the road and see them hanging around the Impala like this? Or maybe not...because that would mean there was trouble about! Okay... I STILL WOULD!


Popping by the gas-n-sip for a cold beverage and to kill an angel or two.

I should be looking at how awesome it is that Dean has Gadreel trapped...but I'm looking at Dean's legs. Because, legs.

It's like staring into the sun! Wait. That's probably not what Gadreel's thinking, I think it's:
"I must concentrate real hard so I don't stare at his sexy lips"
Yep, that'd be it.

Well really, he had it coming.


I wanna kill him.
No, I do.
But Dean, he possessed me.
Yeah, well he tricked me and pretended to be this other nice angel.
Not quite the same Dean.
Okay, how about this...
I'm listening.
We both stab him in his smug angel face.
Like a team.
Yeah, but business team...because that's how you want it Sam, right? *drips with sarcasm*.
*rolls eyes* Whatever Dean, let's just do it.

Okie dokie! Here's the sneak peek clip!

Just call him on his bullshit, Sam because he's so not FINE. CRAAAAAAAAP. And is the Mark itching for action, like, literally? Or maybe it's like Harry Potter's scar and when he gets closer to Abaddon it twinges! That'd be cool. This made me think of ghost sickness itch! Except...I don't think this is going to end in an epic rendition of Eye of the Tiger.

I has so much worry for Dean. He's just.... ACK. I has worry *wibble*