Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Favorite Guest Stars--the One Shots

A lot of what makes Supernatural awesome is the casting. And Supernatural staff have done an amazing job. Here are some of my favorite guest stars that were on the show only once but left an impression.

10) Todd Stashwick from "Monster Movie." The shapeshifter was so full of angst, you just felt sorry for him.

9) I’m going to say it—Paris Hilton in “Fallen Idols.” I loved how she made fun of herself.

8) Nancy the virgin secretary in “Jus in Bello.” She was one I was sorry to see go.

7) Tessa the Reaper. Okay, technically she was in 2 shows, but still. Great character, great writing.

6) Sarah from “Provenance.” She and Sam of Season One could have had a future together. No more, though L

5) Missouri from “Home.” I love that actress, but she was pretty mean to poor Dean.

4) Ronald from Nightshifter. Also technically in two episodes, but come on. Who can forget about the Mandroid?

3) Ben from “The Kids Are All Right.” I want to see this character again. You?

2) Mr. and Mrs. Christmas in “A Very Supernatural Christmas.” How creepy were they—even when they were being all Christmas-spirity?

1) Julie Benz in “Faith”—Who DIDN’T want her to be cured? And the grace with which she accepted her fate, amazing.

I know Natalie would add Tricia Helfer from “Roadkill” and Trish would add Madison from “Heart” but they weren’t favorites for me. What were yours?