Thursday, January 7, 2010

Love Is in the Air (and so are Lycans, Druids, and the Apocalpyse)

Generally speaking, we here at Supernatural Sisters keep the focus on Supernatural (as it should be!) and don't talk too much about the fact that we sisters write books (when we're not staring at Jensen and Jared on screen). No fear, that's not about to change, but in addition to Terri's great post earlier this week on "angels being the new vampire," I wanted to talk about books, too. In honor of both the guys' alleged engagements, I thought I'd briefly mention romance! With the show on hiatus until Jan 21, you might be looking for alternate forms of escape. Plus, romance novels can be a great way to feed your paranormal addiction while you're waiting for certain brothers to return to the screen...

So what romance authors might appeal to you? Well, what are your favorite aspects of Supernatural?

If the dark apocalyptic episodes like "Good God Y'all" appeal to you, you might enjoy Jessica Andersen's novels of the Final Prophecy (the 2012 Mayan doomsday). Romance, strong writing and the end of the world!

If you like interconnected episodes that are heavy on mythology instead of the standalones, you might want to dip your toes into Kresley Cole's Immortals After Dark series, which uses lots of world-building in what she calls The Lore, overlapping tales of vampires, Lycan, Valkyrie, demons and more... Her books remind me of Dean--sexy, irreverently funny and sometimes poignant when you were least expecting it.

If Castiel is secretly your favorite character, you should check out Meljean Brooks' Guardian series, whose backstory includes seraphim and fallen angels.

If your favorite episodes of Supernatural are the ones that make you laugh like Mystery Spot or Hollywood Babylon (Dean as the production assistant cracked me up) , Natale Stenzel writes some funny paranormal romances (including The Druid Made Me Do It).

Finally, if you are made of braver stuff than me and actually LIKE the episodes that scare the hell out of you, you might be up for Rita Herron's Demonborn series. After reading the first one, Insatiable Desire, I totally had to sleep with the light on!

So those are my recommendations of entertaining ways to get your paranormal fix while we await the boys' return. What about you guys? Read anything good lately fans of Sam and Dean might enjoy?