Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to the Future


Okay, so a DeLorean won't replace the Metallicar anytime soon, but Eric Kripke has said we can expect a futuristic peek in Season 5. That's right, somehow, someway, Dean travels five years into the future--2014--to a post-apocalyptic world. And it ain't pretty.

“It’s our version of 28 DAYS LATER,” Kripke says. The world has been ravaged by war and the crotoan virus. If you don't remember, croatoan was introduced to us in Season 2, episode 9 when Sam and Dean discovered a town where the inhabitants were infected with a blood-borne demonic virus that drives its victims to violent extremes.

Hmm, Lucifer AND croatoan let loose. Yikes! Plus, wasn't 28 Day Later considered a zombie movie? I'm scared silly and immensely curious. Me thinks that Dean and Sam are probably not the same Winchesters we love so dearly.

Any predictions for what 5 years down the line looks like?