Sunday, July 26, 2009

What's in your trunk?

You know those Capital One commercials that ask, "What's in your wallet?" Well, today's question is, "What's in your trunk?" For most of us, the answer is probably pretty boring. You can't say the same for those Winchesters.

Here's a list compiled from sites, video, pics and memory of what you can find in Sam and Dean's weapons cache aka the Metallicar's trunk. It in know way covers everything. Feel free to add others in the comments. One thing's for sure, I imagine there are things in there that would scare us.

* spear heads

* machetes

* knives

* arrows

* throwing stars

* camcorder

* infrared thermo scanner

* EMF detector

* brass knuckles

* grenades & launcher

* wooden cross

* blacklight

* lockpick

* shovel

* duffle bags

* bandoliers

* gas

* salt tin

* wooden stakes

* holy water flasks

* salt rounds

* flare guns

* tasers

* mallet

And then of course there's the fire power. If you want the goods on the guns check out this page on the Internet Movie Firearms Database. From Colts to Glocks and Winchesters to Remingtons, these boys are packing.

Of course, elsewhere in the car we also know they've got Dean's cassettes, toothbrushes, Sam's laptop, Dad's journal, paper and pens, alias identifications, cell phones, maps, clothes and the occasional rotten tuna fish sandwich. If you think about it, the Impala is like Mary Poppin's carpet bag, it always has what they need when they need it. However, I don't think I've ever seen a spare tire!

As for me, I have two jackets, a beach towel and two canvas grocery sacks, which I forget to use. So, what's in your trunk?