Thursday, July 2, 2009

From Hair to There

The boys have come a long way in the last several years and it's been especially exciting to see them (finally!) gain due notice from the media, critics and a wider audience. Season 4 really shone a (heavenly) light on Supernatural and hopefully Jared and Jensen will gain great things from their widening exposure. That said, whether you've been a fan of theirs well before SPN--I know there are many of us--or if you're just discovering J&J, I'm sure you'll appreciate our mane feature of the day...from Hair to There...because whether shorn, shaggy or sideburned there's no arguing (or is there?) that our guys are the best tressed.

How cute and clean cut is Jensen?

In Wishbone he's a little more blonde and the bowl bangs are let loose!

Looking a little more slick as Brad in Sweet Valley High.

His Eric Brady sleek and sexy look. (And where I first fell for Jensen.)

Alec in Dark Angel. Ah, yes, shorter, darker and the emergence of sideburns. Now we're getting there.

Good heavens, but this pic nearly did me in. I have a thing for long hair. (Sigh.) Looking damn hot as Dawson Creek's C.J., but regressing from Dean.

There's Dean! No wait, that's Smallville's Jason Teague.

There we go...Dean...a little sharkier than he is now...but Dean. And finally there's WTF?

Better known as Ten Inch Hero's Priestly. We heart him!

Jared at the Teen Choice Awards where he was discovered. Boy next door handsome, but you can still see the 'tude.

As Rory Gilmore's first boyfriend, Dean. And, damn, more bowl bangs. What did they call this haircut? Don't they call Kate Gosselin's a reverse mullet?

As Young McGuyver. Finally, the back is catching up with the front. Thank you, God! From here on out it's all about overall length and working the bangs.

Shaggy and sexy as Sam. This is his "I'm covering my big forehead look."

This is his long all over, I'm sexy as hell from hair to toe look. Or, do you really care what my hair looks like with a bod like this?

Eep! This unfortunate flip has his forehead eclipsing his smile. If only I could mess up his hair!

I hope you enjoyed this mane montage. I'm sure we'll see many more doos over the decades, as long as they don't go bald (I can't even picture it!), I'm willing to follow them from hair to there and I'm sure you are too.