Sunday, February 15, 2009

Why MJ Wants an Impala

Some people reward themselves with computers or furniture if they get a good advance on their book. This is what I’d get:


I heart the Impala, to the point that I actually shopped around for one. Let me tell you, shopping for 40 year old cars can be scary. Apparently they’re everywhere, because at least four people I know, including my dad and my best friend, tell me they had a late 60s model Impala.

We found one, in the Valley, in working order, for $3000. We thought about it, but that was when gas was over $3 a gallon and it would have cost another fortune to drive her back. They were built, after all, before fuel economy was an issue.

I have her on my wallpaper at school (can’t have the boys, too hard to explain to 4th graders.)

I loved her triumphant return in Bloodlust.

I love her sleek lines, I love her powerful engine.


I love that the trunk is “big enough to hide a body,” which is why Kripke chose an Impala. He was going to go with a Mustang, you know. Can you imagine these two big guys driving around in a little Mustang?

I love that she can do this….not that I’d ever do any such thing, of course.

I love what she means to Dean, a connection to his dad, the only home he knows, his legacy.


I loved how Dean bequeathed her to Sam, ensuring Sam would be able to take care of her, passing onto Sam the responsibility that his father had passed onto him, but doing it lovingly.

I know my longing for a 67 Impala isn’t rational, but my obsessions usually aren't.

What do you love about the Impala?