Thursday, February 5, 2009

Sex and Violence-MANY SPOILERS


Okay, this is my very first recap ever and I wrote it as I watched, so I didn't know the end before the beginning, though I'd heard somewhere that there would be a fight between the boys.

Opening scene, a woman with a meat tenderizer. Ohhhhh, not good. Her husband comes in, late, and she’s not happy. She tells him they’re going to a party and now he’s pissed. Uh-oh, he’s really pissed and beats her to death with the tenderizer. Told you. NOT good.

After the open, Dean wakes in a motel room to see Sam’s bed empty. He hears Sam in the bathroom on his cell, presumably talking to Ruby. And guh, are these boys beautiful. Sam’s found a news article about the man who killed his wife, and adds it’s the third man in two months to kill his wife.

The boys pose as lawyers this time. This is a new one. They go visit the husband in jail to find out what happened. He wasn’t possessed, he knew exactly what he was doing while he was doing it. Dean pulls out a bill for a stripper, not explaining how he got it. The husband confesses that he met the girl named Jasmine at a bachelor party and that she was everything he wanted. Jasmine had promised the husband they’d be together if his wife was out of the picture. He was supposed to meet the stripper after but she never showed. He doesn’t know her address or even her real first name. He says if he doesn’t get the death sentence, he’ll just kill himself.

Acting as an FBI agent, Sam goes to the office of the beautiful doctor who works for the sheriff’s department, who did the autopsies on the dead women and tox screens on their husbands. Dr. Cara Roberts is suffering from a hangover. Sam gently teases her, “Rough night?” “Fun night,” she replies. “Rough morning.” After inspecting his badge again, closely, she reveals that all three husbands had a high level of oxytocin in their blood, a hormone produced during childbirth, lactation and sex. Presuming the first two weren’t happening in these men…. No, she doesn’t know what causes such high level of oxytocin.

She is so flirting with Sam, and when Dean comes in, she blows him off. They leave, and Sam offers his cure for a hangover-a greasy breakfast. Dean says something to Sam as they walked out, but even though I rewound it three times, I didn’t understand.

Dean investigated the other husbands in the meantime, and those men had also hooked up with girls from a club called The Honey Wagon. But each man hooked up with a different girl. Sam suspects a love spell. Dean is just tickled they’re on an actual case involving strippers.


They visit the strip club where Dean has a hard time focusing on what the manager is telling him, because there are girls dancing all around. Sam comes in, having spoken to Bobby, natch, and Bobby’s theory is sirens, from the Greek myths. Sam’s a bit surprised Dean knows. Sam says they have a siren song, and Dean teases that it’s “Welcome to the Jungle,” or “Cherry Pie.” They theorize that it’s the same girl cloaking herself as different “dream girls.” They also realize that even if they find her, they don’t know how to kill her.

Meanwhile, one of the strippers slips over to a young man in a booth. She follows him home, where he’s caring for his invalid mother. They have sex on the couch, and in the mirror we see her extremely creepy reflection. Love it! After sex, she tells him that his mom takes up too much of his time and she could be with him forever if only his mother wasn’t around. He agrees to bash his mother’s brains in. He picks up a poker from the fireplace and disappears into his mother’s room. The siren dresses and leaves.

The next morning, Dean is looking at Sam’s phone on the table. He dials the last number and Ruby answers. Dean scowls and hangs up as Sam comes in. Sam’s been to visit the last victim/murderer in jail. Sam’s phone rings and Dean flinches, but it’s Bobby, who has some lore from a dusty Greek poem. To kill a siren, they need a bronze dagger, covered in the blood of a sailor under the spell of the song. When Dean asks what that means, Bobby says he doesn’t know, they’re dealing with “three thousand years of the telephone game.” He doesn’t think it’s an actual song, but a toxin she gets in their blood. She reads their minds and becomes just what they need.

“A Supernatural STD,” Dean observes.

Bobby believes a dose of her own venom will kill her, too. Sam has an idea. Bobby warns them to be careful, that sirens are tricky bitches.

Cut to Sam going back to the doctor. Ohhhhh. This time he brings Dean, wanting the blood samples from the husbands, believing the siren’s toxin will be there.

And whoa, there’s another FBI agent assigned to the case. He quizzes the boys, asking them their director’s name and badge numbers. The boys give him a card with their director’s name on it, and the agent dials, only to get Bobby, who reams him for asking stupid questions. Bobby hangs up, and there’s a row of phones in his kitchen, each with a different label for different agencies. LOL.

Sam wants Dean to keep the extra FBI agent busy, and the agent shows Metallicar love. Dean is pleased.

Sam stays with beautiful Dr. Roberts, telling her they know a specialist and want to test the blood to try out a theory, only the blood’s gone. Huh. Maybe my theory is wrong.

Dean and FBI boy are throwing back shots at the strip club and comparing classic rock knowledge. The FBI agent reveals that he found flowers at the crime scene, and he discovered the same flower was at every crime scene. Dean remembers seeing that flower before.

Cut to Dr. Robert’s office, where that flower is in a vase. Yeah, whatever, Sam looks terrific in a white shirt and loose tie. Together they go over security tapes (which they have, but she doesn’t lock her door) and discover the tapes have been tampered with. They discuss the case. She asks if he’s ever been in a relationship where he really loved someone but wanted to bash their head in. He kind of grins. Dean, maybe…..She offers him a drink and she starts talking about her ex-husband. Did I mention Sam looks really good? She talks about people changing, that she felt like she was married to a stranger. His phone rings and…yeesh, he looks REALLY good. He doesn’t answer. Ruby or Dean? I thin Ruby. Dr. Roberts talks about having no regrets and living life. Then she starts talking about his lips and….oh, wow, let me rewind that. I’m feeling a bit breathless here.

Hmm, okay. Back in motel room, Sam calls Dean. Dean apparently was the one who called, and he figured out the flowers are hyacinths, and that they’re from the Mediterranean. (Dean would know this?) Dean has the same suspicion as me, that Dr. Roberts is the siren. She’s only been in town two months and her husband dropped dead. Sam can’t believe it and Dean figures out that Sam had sex with Dr. Roberts. Dean goes off on Sam sleeping with monsters, Madison, Ruby and now Dr. Roberts. Sam insists he feels fine. Dean doesn’t want to meet up. He’s determined to handle it by himself. Sam hangs up and throws the phone across the room. Dean calls Bobby for back-up, and then he calls the FBI guy. Wow, he didn’t even think that one over. He must really like this guy.

FBI guy sees Dr. Roberts walk into the club. Dean joins him on the stakeout. Dean appreciates the fact that FBI guy trusts him.

Oh, MAN, I didn’t see that coming. FBI guy is asking Dean how he thinks the siren is infecting her victims. Dean mentions injections or physical contact, and shares his flask with FBI guy, who says, “Or saliva.” Damn, Dean gets it now, too. Too late.

FBI guy is the siren. His reflection in the rearview mirror is CRRRREEEEEEPPPPY. He wants Dean to kill Sam so FBI guy can be Dean’s brother, since he can’t trust Sam anymore. Dean agrees.

After the commercial, Sam walks into the motel room to see FBI/siren guy sitting on the bed, and Dean jumps him from behind, holding a big-ass knife to his neck. At the FBI/siren’s urging, Dean slices Sam’s neck, just a little. The siren tells Sam that he gave Dean what he wanted, and it wasn’t a girl in a g-string, but a little brother who looked up to him. He tells Sam that watching someone kill for you is the ultimate in devotion. Then he spits on Sam’s mouth, and tells the brothers to fight it out, that whoever wins can have him.


Dean starts, saying the brother he knew was gone. It’s not the demon blood or the psychic ability, but the secrets, like calling Ruby. He asks Sam what he’s not telling, and Sam says it’s none of his business. They used to be in this together.

Sam counters by saying he can’t get Dean to help him hunt down Lilith because Dean’s too weak, he’s holding Sam back. Sam declares himself stronger and smarter, and accuses Dean of sitting around feeling sorry for himself, whining about the souls he tortured in hell. Dean throws his knife at Sam, then Sam pins Dean to the door and beats the hell out of him, saying Dean can’t stand in his way anymore. They break the door down in the fight (isn’t that the same motel where Sam and Ruby were when Dean came back from hell?). Sam is on his back, catching his breath, and Dean breaks the glass for the fire ax.


“Tell me again how weak I am,” he taunts Sam, and as he raises the ax, Bobby shows up. He stabs Dean in the arm (blood of a sailor) and then throws the spear at the siren, who’s bolting. Sam protests, but Bobby hits his mark, and the siren goes down. As the spell breaks, the brothers look at each other, stunned by words that can’t be unspoken.

Oh, hell, I knew it was going to be another side of the road moment, with the boys drinking soda this time because the boys are driving. Bobby reveals it only took one call to discover the agent Nick Monroe wasn’t real.


Dean asks if Sam will say good-bye to Dr. Roberts, but he says no. Sam says he didn’t mean the things he said, that it was the spell talking. Dean doesn’t believe him. Neither do I. Do you?

The rift is getting bigger, y’all. I think I need to watch a few first season episodes to soothe me…..