Monday, August 11, 2014

The Day Jensen Ackles Broke The Internet

It's a rare day indeed when we get treated to an Ackles photo shoot...but today was that day!

About 3 months ago, Jensen did an interview and a photo shoot for the September edition of Harper's Bazaar China, and the result was quite...well....magnificent!

Wearing Dior

Wearing Giorgio Armani

Wearing Ermenegildo Zegna

Wearing Calvin Klein

This is all part of a spread that includes these jaw dropping shots of Jensen, plus a Q&A.

Here's a complete translation of the article
Thanks to jjlowe58.tumblr


1. You’re most known for your role on Supernatural, do you remember how you got the role 11 years ago?
- I’ve had contact with the director and the whole crew before, we understand how each other works. When I was approached by the director, he felt that I am suited for the role he had in mind, so after two auditions, I got the role. 

2. <there’s a huge glare, it’s something about> Have you thought about giving up, have there been things that made you want to move on?
- When I took on Supernatural, I know I’ll be spending 10 months out of 12 a year on it. So there won’t be a lot of spare time for other things. Because I like what I’m doing now, I’ve always signed on for Supernatural first, save my time for that. Most of the companies know about my situation, so they work around that, giving me short term jobs. Even if there are other big opportunities, I’ll tell my agent to not let me know about them. Since I’ve chose to stick with Supernatural, why do I want to know about all the other opportunities? I tell my agent to set the schedule as we discussed it, and I don’t need to know anything else.

3. What is your definition of ‘success’?
- Happiness. I’m happy, others are happy. In life, I think if you’re happy, healthy, and you’re comfortable with where you are. You’re living a good life. I love having a relaxing, happy, and a free life.


1. When picking scripts and working with others, what factors are important to you?
- The team. I stress on having a team that I can work with really well, do we get along? Whether the character and plot line are interesting and/or new.

2. Do you think you’re a successful actor?
- I think so. Haha. I think I’m doing well, people seem to like me.

3. Who do you look up to, whether at work or in your life?
- I look up to my father the most. He has a lot of wisdom. On one hand he can tell which road is the best to take in life, and which is gonna take a curve. On the other hand, if I choose that curve road, he will not stop me. He will happily let me go and try, and will be there for me when I encounter hardships. I wish I can become a father just like him.

4. Work, family, and love. How would you put them in order?
- Family and relatives will always be my first. My wife, my daughter, and my parents and family will always be the most important to me. I will never sacrifice my time with them for work. If there’s a work that requires me to do that, I will not have taken it in the first place. Having a job that I like, and have time with my wife and daughter now is really good for me now.


1. What are the differences and similarities between you and Dean Winchester?
- We are quite unalike. Dean Winchester is a typical hero, always running into battle first, a very distinctive personality. I am a very peaceful person on the other hand. I don’t like adventures, not that I’m afraid of loosing, but I think my life is really good right now. I don’t feel the need to change anything about it now. In real life, I’m very gentle and a go-with-the-flow person.

Very gentle and go with the flow person... just... *hearts in eyes*

Here's Jensen and the crew behind the shoot.

If you want to order a copy of the September edition of Harper's Bazaar China, here is the link. But it won't be available for a couple of months.

I freely admit that I was unable to think straight for about 2 hours after these photos appeared. First on my Facebook - courtesy of my lovely friend Megan - then on my twitter - then on tumblr. I just couldn't think! Talk about discombobulated!

I particularly like how in the article they say Jensen has "effortless grace". Grace is the word I always use to describe Jensen. He has grace and a peace that emanates from him. It really helps when you're speaking to him and all nervous, because he has this calm and gracious energy. 


In case you're wondering, the stripy shirt photo is my favourite. The man looks like a male supermodel. If I didn't know who Jensen was, that's what I would think, some top male supermodel!

Of course, we all know there is so much more to Jensen than his looks, which is what makes him so damn special and is why we all love him so much.

Anyway, I'll stop gushing now...but today, was a good day to be a Jensen-girl.