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Supernatural Headline News - 10 August Edition

So after all the flurry of the TCAs and ComicCon, it's back to normal Hellatus news as we trudge towards the wonder of October 7!

This week, the CW posted a video which was like the most epic Road So Far ever, to promote the new season, but also a bit of a tease for the Supernatural Retrospective that will be running on October 6, before the premiere of season 10 the following night.

2 Brothers. 10 Seasons. 200 Episodes.

How freakin' epic is our show! I mean, COME ON! So awesome. I feel like I'm going to explode with pride!

Suzanne Gomez was in the Supernatural offices and tweeted about some of the behind the scenes interviews that will be featured in the retrospective.

Kripke, Bob Singer and The Carver were all there.

She couldn't be too spoilery but she did tweet a few little tidbits about what we have to look forward to in the special

Kripke shares stories about Kim Manners, the creation of angels and the Impala, the story behind Bobby Singer being named after Bob Singer. He talks about his favourite demons, one of course being the YED, and his favourite angels, one of which is Castiel. He also talks about Misha and Mark and their rolls on the show.

Bob Singer talks about favourite episodes, one of which is Changing Channels and he talks a lot about casting Jensen and Jared. 

There's discussion of fans and conventions. That Jeremy and Kripke insisted that Knight Rider feature in Changing Channels and there's lots of BTS on the boys.

The Retrospective will air October 6 at 9/8 on the CW! I CAN'T WAIT!

Of course, this past week was also full of the insanity of GISHWHES!

Misha kicked off proceedings in a park with a whole lot of French Maids! Over 800 of them! Which broke another World Record!

Photo @PayMeInPie

Photo @PayMeInPie

Photo @mfluder_42  

Photo @YaySupernatural

Photo @redd_vt

Misha even happened across one of the teams attempting one of the scavenger items!

Then there were the heads. So many heads!

Photo @adamwvfx

Congratulations to everyone who participated and good luck for the outcome!

One of the cool events to happen last week was Leaky Con which saw Supernatural writers and ultimate fanboys, Adam Glass and Robbie Thompson...known collectively as Rodam, take to the stage and answer some questions.

You can get a complete wrap up of the tweets via the Superwiki here

And here's a great interview with the guys by Heidi who covered Comic-Con and Leaky Con for the Wiki.

Since my last update, another monumental fandom event occurred! Croatoan Day!
On August 1 fans all over the world wrote Croatoan on their arms...including yours truly!

This is my real tattoo from "The End"

Misha joined in!

As did Robbie - who loves Robocop, in case you didn't know

There was also art and hoarding of toilet paper!

And Croatoan Day trended Worldwide!

For a look at the many, many photos of written on arms click here!

Remember at Comic-Con how poor Mark didn't have his very own Crowley Pop Vinyl doll? Well a couple of very clever fans sorted that out!

You can read about the whole thing here! It's super cool.

And on the official Funko Pop Vinyl front, we finally got to see the Winged Castiel and Charlie figures which are due out soon. Hopefully Crowley will follow! Come on Funko!

Supernatural Alum, Todd Stashwick had some cool news! He's been cast in the new SyFy series, 12 Monkey's based on the Brad Pitt movie.

Todd will play will play Deacon, the cunning leader of a brutal band of scavengers in the year 2043 called The West 7. Deacon amassed his followers with a “survival of the fittest” attitude… and by burning down the last few government quarantine zones.

You can read more about it here.

There was speculation that Big Daddy Winchester, Jeffrey Dean Morgan would star in Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice as the Caped Crusader's dad, Thomas Wayne. Which kind of makes sense seeing as Dean Winchester is actually Batman!

It's just a rumor at the moment, but this picture was snapped of a painting on set of Thomas Wayne that resembles Jeff, who has worked with Zach Snyder before as The Comedian in The Watchman movie.

What do you think? Do you think this portrait looks like JDM? Read the article at ComicBookNews.

And another of our favourite Supernatural stars had a fabulous interview on

"Richard Speight, Jr. is a veteran actor from Nashville, Tennessee. He is best known for his roles on the HBO mini-series Band of Brothers, on The CW’s Supernatural and as Deputy Bill Kohler on Jericho. He can next be seen alongside Danny Trejo and Lin Shaye in the film Mucho Dinero."

Richard talks about how he became an actor and some of his influences. Read more about our favourite Trickster here.

Photo via the Supernatural Wiki

And another interview you should read is Jules from the Supernatural Wiki's catch up with Kevin Parks. Kevin talks all about directing season 9's Bad Boys.

Kevin discusses the challenges of the episode, how he approached working with the younger cast and shooting that awesome death in the bathtub scene! It's part of the Wiki's Script to Screen series and you can check out the whole interview here.

In other news! 

Travis Aaron Wade, who will be playing the mysterious Cole, has been tweeting up a storm from set! Including this...which reveals the title for the season opener, which though recently rumoured, hasn't been officially confirmed... but here's his script all signed and with the title for 1002 (that's 02 in shooting order - this will air as 01) as "Black".

only on script may be seen so much blood splashes

Some fans caught up with filming again, this past week. These pics of Jensen are via @mommabear75. This will be episode 1002 on air - 1003 in the shooting schedule.

And the set dressing...

Jared shared a couple of adorable pics this week, one of him and Thomas wearing the same hat. He told the story at Comic-Con about how he and Thomas both had that hat.

And another of Gen and the two boys. Gosh Thom is a mini Jared and he's getting big! Such a lovely photo.

And of course, I can't leave you with out a shot of our gym junkie King of the Selfies.

In 8 days. 8 DAYS! I head to Vancon! Keep your eyes peeled for Vancon updates and photos - I will have my camera - and follow me @AmyinSydney for lots of Vancon craziness. 

And that's it for the news this week!

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