Friday, February 14, 2014

Spoilers Sweeties! Promotional photos - Supernatural 9.14 "Captives"

Soooo here we go!

Promo pics from the next episode! After that rather dour ending to "The Purge", what have Sam and Dean been up to? looks like they went shopping for new coats! Nothing like a bit of retail therapy to mend a broken heart. Huh? HUH?

That coat + that scruff = Amy EXPLODES. Also, Dean and his always turning up the collar. Just. Bless.

Ru-Roh! (Also, phwoar)

Cue superhero music! Super Sam to the rescue! Yay!

Meanwhile, over at the angel wars....

I'm just going to say it...I do love Cas' new trench. The deeper colour...the shorter, less traditional styling...but I seriously miss the tie. He looks like he got dressed in a hurry! You know what would be cool...if the tie was casually hanging out of his pocket. 

Look at the lovely lighting in this shot.

And this shot. I've got to say it for the angels, they love a bit of minimalist styling!

I'm sure the actor who plays Bartholomew (Adam Harrington) is a super lovely dude, but his face creeps me out...which I guess is the point.

Hellooooooo Castiel! Pretty boy angel.

Where's that angel blade going. Also, Cas needed a rumple free coat...he's still got a touch of the Columbos about him!

Yes I know you've seen this one but I felt it was worth repeating...for scruff and coat reasons.

Okay...I'll stop now.

Okay. Now.