Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Spoilers Sweeties! Promotional photos - Supernatural 9.15 "#Thinman"

Yes! More stuff! Now we have promo pics from 9.15 #Thinman. This is the episode that heralds the return of the Ghostfacers!

What do they tell us? Well not much!

I want to be Ed here so bad. I want to eavesdrop on the brothers!
Are they having a deep and meaningful about the case or about each other? Dum-dum-daaaaaah!

Not happy? Listening?

AJ has totally changed his entire being! When he decided to get rid of the lab geek look he wasn't kidding! No wonder he was cast in Justified. Anyhoo, does it look like Ed and Harry might be fighting? They don't look happy.

Not happy!

Speaking of which...

Working with his back to his brother?

Gazing sadly at his brother's back?

(I'm so in love with the white shirts...)

But I'm even more in love with the red shirt! (And my gosh Dean's pretty).

I have to say all of these photos have got me totally intrigued. Also, LEGS. 
Legs and red shirt...what are they trying to do to me!

Okay, so they are very enjoyable photos which basically tell us nothing. But I like seeing the boys working together, because if they're working together, they're not walking away and that's good. 

I'm just happy for more pics!