Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Sad Adieu

I’m so sad to be bidding Supernatural Sisters adieu. Each one of us will be saying goodbye this week. I just want to say how much I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie of my sister fangirls. It has been a pleasure to share our love of the show, to debate the pluses and minuses of each episode, to better get to know the SPN community and, of course, to rhapsodize about our love for Jensen and Jared.

As writers we may view the show from a slightly different perspective. We know what it takes to build three dimensional characters you can fall in love with, the finesse necessary to write believable relationships the viewer or reader will willingly invest in, the art of escalating conflicts to keep things from being staid while furthering a character’s story arc, the challenge of keeping storylines fresh, the skill of juggling humor, horror and human emotion and the thirst to push our boundaries as artists. The writers of SPN do all of this and so much more which is why we became the Supernatural Sisters.

As the show has grown and evolved, so have we. It has been a privilege and a thrill to see my sisters achieve so many successes. And I know there are tons more to come. I only have three regrets. One, we never got to do that set visit. Two, Jim Beaver never got back to me with that interview. And three, we never had a Supernatural Sisters get-together at a con. Maybe we could still pull off that last one….

In the meantime, thank you to our readers, the authors who’ve guest blogged and the Supernatural super stars who’ve granted us interviews.

I’ll still be watching. Nothing short of the actual Apocalypse could keep me from finding out how things finally end for Sam and Dean Winchester. 'Til then, see you later idjits.

Love & hugs, Terri Clark