Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The day the Padababy was born…Or the tweet heard around the world!

I was just heading to the kitchen to feed my dog Harry when I heard Dean yell out “Son of a bitch”, which is how my phone announces I have a message. I grabbed it assuming it was something everyday, only to see that long awaited tweet from @jarpad….. “It’s a boy :)” 

KABOOOOM! Supernatural fandom explodes.

I let out a little squeal and a “Yay!” to no one in particular and quickly texted my friend Hazel. “Padababy is born!” Quick as a flash back, “Yay! OMG!”

I jumped back online. First stop twitter. My entire timeline was filled with the news, to which, of course, I added. Next stop Facebook. My entire timeline was filled with the news, to which, of course, I added.

I then spent the next hour or more gleefully joining in the celebration!

There was talk about names, weight, size, first photos, hereditary dimples, did the little guy have a mini-moose onesie, does he have flowing locks, did Jared pass out, when would uncle Jensen get a cuddle, did he come out saying “Hey dude, I’m Stanley!" Everyone wanted to know the date, was it the 19th or had the bub been around for a bit. Everyone wanted to know how Gen went, did everything go as planned, how was she feeling, was she was doing ok.

Almost instantaneously the Twitter trending commenced. First we trended #WelcomePadababy. Then we trended #UNCLEJENSEN. This one made me laugh out loud and go awwwww at the same time. A tricky combination, but you know, Jensen elicits a myriad of emotions at the best of times! Then we trended #PapaPadalecki. All of these, at some stage, were number 1 on Twitter’s Worldwide trends list. #UNCLEJENSEN and #PapaPadalecki trended at the same time! Bless. Like seriously BLESS!

There was such an outpouring of love that you couldn’t help but get swept up in it. People were tweeting the happy daddy. Cast and crew were tweeting Jared. Cast and crew were tweeting fans. Amy Gumenick said she was a Grandma! And of course everyone was tweeting each other. It was a joyous congratulations to the happy parents and the warmest of welcomes to the newest member of our Supernatural family. I’d never seen anything like it. The love. It was palatable.

It’s moments like these I’m reminded what a family we really are. Sure we have our spats, our little disagreements, but when it comes to the crunch, when it comes to something important, we all come together and have a global group hug! We raise money, we support each other and when one of our own has good, no, great news, we shout it out loud and clear for the whole world to hear.

Last night, I honestly felt like a member of my family had just welcomed a new bub. We were all that happy. And you know what, in a way a member of my family did welcome a new bub, that’s the kind of feelings these guys produce in me. They feel like family and they make me feel like family….my extended family! I was so overly excited; I kind of didn’t know what to do with it! So I tweeted out my joy with the rest of my Supernatural family. It was lovely and gushy and wonderful.

I honestly couldn’t be happier for Jared and Gen and I was so glad to be able to share that happiness with Supernatural fans from around the world.

Oh and yes, I did eventually feed Harry.

-Auntie sweetondean