Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Born-Again Identity and why I'm really excited!

Warning....ahead be spoilers!

I'm always excited about a new episode of "Supernatural", but sometimes an episode comes along that has me REALLY excited. Whether it's the opening of the season, or the almighty season finale, or something with cowboys, invariable there are a few moments throughout a season where I can literally feel my heart beating faster and faster as we head towards the weekend and a brand new "Supernatural".

Like this week. I'm practically having palpitations.

When it comes to "Supernatural", my favourite episodes are always the emotionally fraught ones. Sure, I love a good Unicorn-farting-out-a-rainbow moment as much as the next fan, but give me high stakes, give me brother worried for brother, give me great big dollops of Dean angst and I'm the happiest/saddest/happiest gal in the world.

And The Born-Again Identity looks like it's going to deliver angst....lots of beautiful, beautiful Winchestery angst. Yay!

I'm excited about the return of 'Cas'. Mostly because we're not sure what to expect! Misha teased in an interview released today:

"A lot of people are just going to be excited to see 'Cas' again. And of course, as things twist and turn, there’s going to be a lot of people who are really disappointed that it’s not exactly how they want it."

And that right there has me clapping my hands and making "ooooooo" noises! Interesting.

But the main reason I'm excited about the return of 'Cas' is to see how Dean deals with it. How will he deal with seeing his friend, who he believes betrayed him and who he knows broke his brother's head. I want to see Dean's face. I want to experience his confusion and his anger and his happiness and his disbelief and his relief and the myriad of emotions that will run through Dean when he claps eyes on the resurrected 'Castiel'.


The fact that 'Castiel' remembers nothing. Wow. That's going to make for some very interesting conversations right there! And I can't wait to witness every one of them.

Of course, the other reason I'm champing at the bit for The Born-Again Identity is that Dean's going to be in full-on big-brother mode. Sam is dying. Sam is giving up. Dean can't have that. Dean can't lose Sam. Dean has to find a way to save him because that's what Dean does and I'm cool with it. For me, Dean is most glorious when putting every ounce of his being into finding a way to help Sam (I'd say the same for Sam by the way, but of course, about Dean). I know a lot of other people think it's passé, that Dean hasn't got a storyline outside of this, or whatever, but me, I don't think like this, because this is Dean and this is why I love him. This is who he is. Sam keeps Dean moving forward. Sam keeps Dean human. Sam is his heart and soul. They’re each other’s heart and soul. That's never going to change. At least I hope it doesn’t.

It's not that I don't want the brothers to be happy, I do. But I love this show for their journey and let's face it, their journey will always be a struggle. I dig watching them try to beat and overcome everything that the Universe throws at them. I love watching them triumph, only to fall again and then pick themselves up and dust themselves off and give it another shot. It's inspiring.

My favourite thing in the whole world is when the brothers are looking out for each other and supporting each other and backing each other up (and of course, teasing each other)...hence my joy at the direction season seven has taken. Even through all the loss, there's been so much gained. At least for me.

My favourite episodes are all about the brothers. Faith, The End, Swan Song... These all have moments when Sam and Dean realise, above everything else, what they mean to each other. And that right there is what the show means to me.

So I'm excited about The Born-Again Identity because it looks like that relationship will be front and centre. But not only that, it looks like it’ll put Dean's love front and centre, that it’ll bring to a head all that Sam's been struggling with and of course, bring back an old friend, one who's been sorely missed, and who'll add to the overwhelming confusion and angstiness of the whole schbang. For Sam and Dean…and for us. Big episode sounds big. I'm sure I'll be in tears throughout. I can’t wait. What is wrong with me? Oh right...I'm a "Supernatural" fan. I love pain. Obviously.

I'm so excited for the end of this season. How do we solve a problem like Lucifer (go on, sing it like the Sound Of Music), will Sammy recover, will Dean finally fall in a heap, what is the deal with 'Castiel', what twists and turns will that character take, how will the brothers deal with 'Cas' being back, is he really ‘Cas’, will we ever see Bobby again (meep), when will the Impala come back (meep meep)...oh yeah and then there's that Leviathan thing!

So much. Seven episodes. BRING.IT.ON.