Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Supernatural Shenanigans

You know, after what happened the other night while I was watching Supernatural, I think I've finally made my peace with the hiatus. It's been well-documented that I am a wuss, so enjoying this show has always been a bit of a stretch for me (although Jared and Jensen have helped me overcome my phobias just enough to keep watching...hmmm, Supernatural as therapy. Who knew?)

Has anything weird ever happened to you while you were watching something spooky? To date, I've had two freakish coincidences. One was when a light on the show started to flicker, Sam and Dean gave each other the significant "a-ha, demon presence!" look and my power went out shortly therafter. But since I was watching TV during a major thunderstorm, the electrical outage wasn't exactly a mystery worthy of calling Bobby. Then there was the time I was watching the first season DVDs with my husband after the kids were in bed and supposed to be asleep. We were right at the beginning of "Home," where a single mom moves into the Winchester's old house. Almost simultaneously, the girl on the television told her mother that there's "something in my closet" and my OWN daughter showed up in our doorway blurting, "there's something in my closet." (I admit, that freaked me out enough that I made my husband go check because I wasn't about to!)

But here's my latest. (And while I'm sure someone with a background in how televisions and DVD players work could explain this scientifically, I cannot. Big coward that I am, I'm just glad I wasn't alone.) A girlfriend was over who has only seen a couple of episodes before, so of course I pulled out my DVDs. We'd been watching late into the night and everyone else in the house was asleep. We half-heartedly commented that we should probably turn it off because it was so late, but then we talked ourselves into one more episode. In the middle of the episode, the picture went wonky--first it was staticky, then it went completely green (which is a new one on me) although we could still hear Sam and Dean discussing that what they had on their hands was a ghost problem, which of course meant digging up the bones. So I stood up, told her I was sorry that we didn't get to finish the episode, but that it was probably for the best since we both had to be up in the morning. I popped out the DVD to put away and all of the sudden, Sam and Dean appeared on the television, digging up a body (no sound, but the picture was clear as day.) I looked from the DVD in my hand to my friend, who brightly announced, "Gotta go!" I was right on her heels, hitting the TV remote over my shoulder as I left.

I realize this isn't on par with, say, my couch levitating or Zuul the gatekeeper appearing in my fridge, but watching two people dig up a grave on my TV after I'd already removed the DVD was sufficiently bizarre enough that I think I'm ready for a break from watching creepy shows. Say, from now until nine p.m. on Friday, September 24...