Monday, May 17, 2010

the Late News with Tanya Michaels

Spent weekend out of town with Trish and within the first five minutes of finding each other at the hotel, we were discussing the finale :-) But it's a new week and of course the big SPN cast/crew news for discussion is the influx of reports that Jensen got married! Which means both of the boys are officially taken. ( Misha single?)

Speaking of Misha, he does seem to have an Apocalypse theme going on, doesn't he? Somehow I missed previous reports of this SyFy production (the little green sidebar). Potential Misha fix while we're all waiting for the show to come back!

There is speculation about whether Misha and Jim (Beaver) will be back for Season 6, but most reports are positive that they will return for at least a couple of episodes.

And, while on the subject of recurring SPN characters, I was thrilled to learn last week that Mark Sheppard is coming to the 2010 DragonCon! Now, if only we could get Richard Speight Jr...