Sunday, March 28, 2010


At last weekend’s Salute to Supernatural, Kurt Fuller talked about playing Zacariah. He thought he was finally going to portray a good guy! By his third episode he soon realized he would be the angel we love to hate. Check out his interview on Zap2It and learn how Jared surprised him and broke the tension during a tough scene.

Jim Beaver talks to about how he honored his feelings for his wife “by reconstructing them on-screen” in the emotionally challenging, but very rewarding Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid. He also addresses the scary idea of Bobby’s demise! The idea seems all the more concerning when you consider these recent tweets from Jim.

Pouring rain for my last Supernatural scene today--seems fitting
11:32 AM Mar 25th via mobile web

Finished my last scene, marched into makeup
& got my hair all chopped off--1st time in 5 years! Yay!
2:43 PM Mar 25th via mobile web

Clarissa on TVOverMind gave a favorable review of the newest SPN novel, Heart of the Dragon. She’s also giving away 3 copies. Enter for your chance to win!

Here’s an intense preview of next week’s episode, Dark Side of the Moon.