Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Favorite Recurring Characters


State testing today and I completely spaced on my day to blog! Sorry it's late!

A few weeks ago I did a post about my favorite guest stars. This week I'll do one about my favorite recurring characters.

Your mileage may vary :)

10) Henrickson (I'm probably remembering that wrong)--because it was the first time I was really scared they boys
weren't going to come out on top!

9) Ghostfacers--loved the concept in Hellhouse, loved even more that they returned!

8) Ava--she was adorable the first time we saw her, and wicked in her power the last

7) Andy--just adorable, what can I say?

6) The Yellow-Eyed Demon--vastly creepy but with such a great delivery

5) Meg--another vulnerable girl to wicked woman. Hm, maybe I see the argument against how women are portrayed in SPN

4) the Trickster--because who knew what a role he'd play?

3) Papa--because I love JDM and he's the whole reason I started watching in the first place.

2) Gordon--first time the boys seemed truly caught off guard

1) Alastair--it is wrong how much I loved that actor's portrayal of the demon who made Dean fall

Your turn--who did you love seeing again and again? Who do you want to come back?