Thursday, December 17, 2009

My Supernatural-related Christmas Wishes

I had lunch yesterday with the friends I’m attending the New Jersey Salute to Supernatural convention with in July.  I’d like to say we’re beyond excited, but at this point we’re just apprehensive.  I mean, I love AJ Buckley and Travis Wester, and look forward to seeing them, but I wouldn’t spend $369 plus travel and hotel to see them.  The con is a long way away, and at this point last year, for the con in March, they didn’t have many more guests booked.  But they did have Jared Padalecki.  So we’re kind of resigned to not having either of the two biggies at the con.  They’re booked for LA in March and Vancouver in August, so…our hopes aren’t high.  Which sucks.  But we made the decision to go for it anyway—there’s always hope, right?  So we were discussing who we’d want to attend.

The Big Obvious

The ones we agreed we want most are:

1. Jason Manns

2. Misha Collins

3. Jim Beaver

Forget Steve Carlson and Christian Kane.  Actually, I’m okay with Christian Kane, but only as a consolation prize.  It’s got to be Jason.  And I don’t like country music.  So.

Misha’s awesome on stage, and I imagine he’ll be even better, now that he has a couple of conventions under his belt.  And Jim Beaver knows exactly how to handle us fans.

Second Tier

These guys are almost as obvious:

1. Richard Speight Jr.

Besides being just a super-nice guy, very smart, and very funny, he has an expanded role this season.  I think both he and we would enjoy having new topics for questions.

2. Todd Stashwick

Again, stage genius.  We don’t need anything new that’s show-related.  He’s just fun.

3. Mark Pellegrino

No party is complete without Lucifer, right? (said firmly tongue in cheek—calm down, P. Diddy)

Any of the rest

I’d love Gabe Tigerman (Andy) and Chad Lindberg (Ash) again.  Besides the fact that redacted spoiler, which would make Chad even more interesting, Gabe is RSJ part B.  Sweet and fun and super-nice guy.

Any of the women of the show would be cool.  Other cons have put Tracy Dinwiddie (Pam), Alona Tal (Jo), and Julie McNiven (Anna) on stage, to good report.  Samantha Smith (Mary) and Samantha Ferris (Ellen) would be even better.

How about Jake Abel (Adam), Malik Whitfield (Henricksen), or Steven Williams (Rufus)?  Of the three, I’d ask for Williams.  He seems like he’s got lots of tales to tell. :)

So, to Recap…

My letter to Santa begs him to line up Jared and Jensen.  Barring that, I want as many actors as they can get, plus Jason Manns.  But what about you?  What’s your dream convention line-up? :)