Monday, November 23, 2009

SPN Monday News

I know, I know, this post should have been up hours ago. But, knowing there will be no new eps until January, I have sunk into a lethargic depression and am moving at half my normal speed... With no new episodes for weeks on end--and Nat announcing Jensen's engagement last week--I found that this was a slightly slower week. Almost everything I saw tended to focus on the 100th episode. (And the controversy over a possibly premature rumor that Jensen is directing it.)

Here's a quick summary of the 100th episode (with, I suppose, vague spoilers) from Ausiello over at EW:

Also from EW, this apology for scooping that Jensen was directing said episode and takeback that maybe he's not, as no one from CW as confirmed:

Honestly, my best announcement today is that you will not want to miss Natalie's post on Wednesday! I won't steal her thunder, but little birdies report that she has an actual interview with someone who's appeared in a few SPN episodes. (Said someone, IMO, is awesome, as I'm sure her interview will be!)

See you here Wednesday...