Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Five Clear Signs that Withdrawal Has Set In

Okay, it’s one thing to miss the Winchester boys (or at least new episodes starring said boys) while they’ve been on hiatus. We all miss them. It’s perfectly natural to be watching the repeats, to put your iPod on continuous Kansas (like I even have to say which song), or thumb through an essay in In The Hunt. However, for some of us, the lack of new Sam and Dean footage can lead to more serious symptoms, some of which, are, tragically, a bit crazypants. How can you be sure whether you or someone you know is suffering normal, albeit painful, pangs of longing and isn't on the verge of going DarkSide? I offer you the five tips below.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the following, please consider close supervision until Thursday, September 10, 9 pm (EST):

1. You told your significant other that it would be romantic to give each other cute nicknames...and promptly started calling him Dean.

2. You insist that all the kids on your carpool route refer to your mini-van as "the Impala."

3. You've moved beyond just looking at pictures of Jared and Jensen online (totally normal) and have begun printing them out to wallpaper your room (slightly less so.)

4. You studied Latin this summer. And have been driving around looking for a situation in which to practice your newfound exorcism skills.

5. You've started keeping track of key moments in your life based on the airdate timeline--for instance, filling out your daughter's pre-school paperwork by stating that her birthday was Season 2, episode 16. (Warning!)

But I have good news, my friends! In little more than a week, the Winchesters will return and withdrawal should subside entirely. Until...the dreaded mid-season hiatus (dunh, duh, DUH).

Be strong.