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Supernatural Headline News - 26 July Edition

I thought, before the epicness of Comic-Con, I'd do a quick wrap up of what's been happening in Supernaturaland this week!

Of course, last week, we had the epicness of the TCAs! Where everyone was really rather chatty!

We found out stuff about Sam's search for Dean, Dean's Demony tendencies and how freakin' awesome they sound, Castiel's lost grace, Crowley's o-oh moment about Dean, what's in store with the 200th episode (a-hem...musical-ish!). I mean, even Jeremy Carver was talking!

There were awesome photos...

Video interviews with Jensen and Jared, selfies with fans and sooooooo much more! If you missed any of it, I have been doing a TCAs MegaPost collection of all the goodness, so once you've read up on everything else going on this week, click here and check out our favourite cast and their chatty showrunner making us tremble in anticipation of season 10!

Right! So what else has been going on?

Well, Jensen finished directing his episode (ep 3) which means they went on to shooting the season premiere! Which will be directed by Bob Singer. Lots of fans where lucky enough to find shooting and see Jensen and Jared working - though not together I believe.

And check out this super cute video by some kids who found shooting, met Jared, and had the best day of their lives!

There was also this rather epically hot shot of Jensen on set...we need to discuss Demon Dean's hair! It looks awesome!

And now they're prepping episode 2!

There were a few casting spoilers doing the rounds as well!

This from TV|Line

Question: I need something to survive the Supernaturalhellatus! —Katherine
 I see what you did there. You took hell and hiatus and smushed them together. That’s some clever wordplay. Here’s your scooprize: Scottish actress Ruth Connell (pictured, right) is joining the cast in the pivotal recurring role of Rowena, a mysterious old-school witch who, rumor has it, is looking to reclaim her power base.

Here's Ruth! Looks like we have another fiery ginger on our hands!

There were also a few tweets from actors who have booked rolls!

With press attention in full swing, there were a couple of articles outside of show information, for us to enjoy!

Jared talked about his family to People online!

With two little boys at home, Jared Padalecki wants to spend as much quality time with them as he can.
“After Supernatural I hope to kind of back off from the business and work more sporadically and be a father and be a basketball coach for my kids, maybe get into producing or something,” Padalecki, 32, told reporters at the CW TCA in Beverly Hills on Friday.
For now, the actor says there is no balance, but he makes sure he has dedicated family time for his sons, Thomas Colton, 2½, andShepherd, 7 months.
“I am violently protective of my — I call it my off-time — when I’m not working. I’m straight home and whether they’re in Vancouver or they’re in Seattle or wherever we happen to be I’m straight to them,” Padalecki explains.
“The other night I worked from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. in Vancouver and got an overnight flight to Houston. It got me home at 8 a.m. and, you know what, I was there with my kids and I took a nap when they napped,” Padalecki says. “I do it whenever I can. Whenever I have the time to do it, I do it. But, simply put, there is no balance yet, but that’s okay.”
When the father of two isn’t home, his boys can still see their dad on TV thanks to his wife, Genevieve.
“You know what’s funny? My wife will put [Supernatural] on — and they’re too young to know what’s going on — but she’ll put it on when either I’m at work or I’m out of town so they can see their dad and they’ll say, ‘Daddy.’”
As for the cute moments that Padalecki really enjoys?
“Tom is my 2½-year-old and he’s a fully-functioning human being right now,” Padalecki jokes with a smile. “The milestones that I laugh at are when they start mimicking what Daddy says and Mommy — in a friendly way — [that] reminds Daddy that he has to use his children words.”
“And then little Shep just started to scoot, so Shep is 7 [months] and he just started to crawl. He also started … to [accept] me as part of his life. Usually, he was like, ‘What do you want?’ ‘I want Mommy.’ Now Shep smiles when he sees me.”
Padalecki admits that he hopes his boys will have the same brotherly bond he shares with his older brother.
“I am a younger brother and I love him and we were best men in each other’s weddings. [I] want them to be there for each other.”
And Misha talked GISHWHES...a lot! This year the likes of William Shatner, Orlando Jones and our very own Osric Chau will have teams!

Supernatural‘s Misha Collins spends most of the year fighting demons (and sometimes angels) in a trench coat. And when Supernatural returns for it’s tenth season, Collins promises that between trying to find Dean and solving the problem of his own fading grace, Castiel will once again have his hands full. But until then, the 39-year-old actor is keeping busy by breaking world records alongside Orlando Jones and William Shatner. But why?
Well, because he can. August 2-9 will mark the fourth annual GISHWHES, the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, which Collins launched after being inspired by an annual scavenger hunt he participated in when he was an undergraduate at the University of Chicago. “It used to be a very academically rigorous and a very socially dismal place,” Collins says. “The only social interaction we had was in the basement of the library where there was a little coffee shop. We didn’t even have a student center. There was a study commissioned at the University of Chicago of the top 300 universities, and we ranked 300 out of 300 for social life. [We were] the very, very worst—under the Naval Academy, I might add. [But] we had this one bright spot on the calendar, which was a campus-wide scavenger hunt. Everyone basically stopped going to classes and stopped doing anything and just participated in the scavenger hunt for four days. And it was just so much fun.”
So a few years ago, when Collins made the mistake of promising his Supernatural fans he’d do something “fun” online, he found himself backed into a corner. His solution? A quick and easy scavenger hunt… that turned into a whole lot more. “It turned out to be immensely fun for me and the 300 people that participated in it, so I thought, ‘I’m going to try this again. I’m going to try to make it bigger,’” Collins says. “And so the next year, I named it GISHWES—Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen—and because I’d given it that name, I was bound and determined to get a Guinness World Record for having the largest scavenger hunt, which we succeeded in doing. We had like 6,000 participants and then we’ve broken, I don’t know, four or five additional Guinness World Records in the ensuing few years doing all manner of strange things. I think we’re going to try to break three more Guinness World Records this year.”
To participate in GISHWES, fans register online. When the hunt starts, participants will get their first glimpse at the growing list of crazy activities Collins has been compiling on his iPhone, which they are then tasked with completing. For example: “There’s definitely going to be some item or items related to Orlando Jones and William Shatner, who are both participating in the hunt this year,” Collins promises of the new to-do list. “I am going to mess with them.” Other than that, he says there will be something with acorns, and hopefully something related to the NSA or CIA, so long as it won’t land him in jail. After getting a tweet from NASA last year asking participants to stop, Collins has high expectations.
Misha did wonder about the accompanying photo...

Umm...a little, but what's new! 

This weekend is your last chance to sign up for GISHWHES, so if you want to do it...go sign up! (It's seriously fun!)

This week also saw the birthday of two of our Supernatural family, Jared "The Moose" Padalecki and Master "The Destroyer" Chau!

Photo in full skinny-legged glory!

Awwww they're so adorbz! 

And in super exciting news! The CW has launched an instagram account just for Supernatural! Make sure you're following as I'm pretty sure there will be lots of photos from this weekend as the team head down to Comic-Con!

And if you are heading to San Diego for Comic-Con or just following the action at home, here's what to look out for!

The Supernatural Panel will be in HALL H (the largest hall available) at 10.00am Sunday January 27. The panel will feature Jensen, Jared, Misha, Mark and Jeremy Carver and will be moderated by Brian Truitt from USA Today. FYI, the panel is not recorded, however some sly videos may emerge and undoubtedly there will be tweeting, plus there will be video interviews from the press room released.

The Supernatural crew will then be signing at the WB Booth at 11.30am to 12.15pm.

Then Jensen, Jared, Misha and Mark will be heading over to NerdHQ at 2.30pm for a conversation for a cause with Zach Levi. Tickets sold out in record time. NerdHQ stream their panels live and also upload them for you to watch later. Follow The Nerd Machine on YouTube to watch the panel!

Also, make sure you're following Suzanne Gomez and Holly Ollis from CW/WB Publicity.

And here's a link to a world clock so you can work all your times out locally!

Here's just a teaser of the awesomeness that can be expected!

And I can't finish off a news piece without something from the King of the Selfies... Here's Mark, Comic-Con bound!

And that was the week that was in Supernaturaland! 

I'll be bringing together all the awesomeness from Comic-Con, so keep an eye out for my Comic-Con MegaPost over the next few days!

Have a fun (safe, if you're going) Comic-Con weekend everyone! Thanks for supporting sweetondean!