Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Women Of Letters Half Hour Supernatural podcast

It’s here!  The Women Of Letters Half Hour is podcast - A podcast dedicated to all things Supernatural and the SPN fandom hosted by me - sweetondean (AKA @AmyinSydney) and Jules from Superwiki (@SuperWiki).

In Episode #1 we talk about the Season 8 finale and the "I'm sending Supernatural a damn fruit basket (postcard)" campaign.

In Episode #2 we talk about Dean's amulet, it's signifigance to the brothers, to the story and to the fandom and how to vote in the Teen Choice Awards.

In Episode #3 we talk about the recent Australia Supernatural convention, All Hell Breaks Loose 4.

In Episode # 4 we talk about the nature of family in Supernatural.

In Episode #5 we talk about Cass and the angels.

In Episode #6 we talk all about Conventions with plenty of great tips to help you get the most out of them!

In Episode #7 we talk Comic-Con spoilers.

Theme music courtesy of Skyhooks - yes this is the Aussie Supernatural podcast you didn’t know you were waiting for!

You can find the Women of Letters Half Hour here

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