Sunday, December 16, 2012


We’ve spent the first half of the season in lively discussion of Sam’s arc, the brother’s relationship and what the angels are up to. Now as we suffer through the hellatus, it’s time to delve into the really deep issues….

Is season 8 the Best.Sam.Hair.Ever?

Does Dean look better with blood and grime on his face or freshly showered?

Could Castiel’s eyes be any bluer?

Whether it’s Sam’s bulging biceps, Dean’s precious smattering of school-girl freckles, or Cass’ flawless profile. Maybe Bobby’s beard did it for you, Garth’s sparkling personality, or the way Chuck wore that bathrobe. Here’s your chance to revel in the gifts we’ve been given…the perfection that is, the characters of “Supernatural”.

So come on in…talk tight t-shirts, bare-feet, bandy-legs, eyebrows of porn, your wish for a deep and meaningful conversation between Sam and Dean while they’re only wearing towels (come on, I KNOW that’s not just me!), or the profound attraction of a character’s heart and soul (if indeed, they have a soul) …. Whatever pops your cork!

Dive into the shallow end of the pool! Dip your toe in! As The Winchester Family Business presents...Let’s discuss the pretty....   
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