Monday, July 18, 2011

Supernatural News

Sorry this is late--couldn't get my husband out the door this AM!

You may already know:

filming for season 7 has started, and Jensen directed. According to Jared's tweets, he kicked ass :)

the release date for the Season 6 DVDs is September 13. The premiere date is September 23, so 10 days to rewatch :)

Here's an interview with Misha about Season 7. The formatting on my PC is all messed up so I didn't read it.

Kripke's new script, Haunted, a story told from a ghost's perspective has been purchased by WB. Can I just say it sounds AWESOME?

Matt Cohen, baby Papa Winchester, will be on 90210 this season! Guess which new show is going on my Tivo? He's replacing someone or another...who cares? Matt Cohen!

Jewel Staite from Firefly will be a guest on SPN this season! I love her, but never recognize her until she says something.

You can now watch full-length episodes on your smart phone with an app from CW. My husband had shown me this earlier this week.

I leave you with some behind-the-scene photos of season 7. I think there are only 3. My laptop is being a bitch this AM and I can't load them.