Thursday, June 16, 2011

How Far Do YOU Go?

I started watching Supernatural the summer between the first and second seasons. My cable package didn't have the WB for season 1, and though my best friend (*waves at Megan*) gave me the pilot, I didn't bother watching because it was too much effort for her to have to do that for me every week. But by season two, I had DirecTV, so I watched the first season on DVD via Netflix and was instantly hooked.

By the summer after season two, Megan and I had hooked other friends, and we missed the show so much, we started Supernatural Summer. Every week, some or all of us got together and watched a few episodes. Of course, back then, it was easy. Even after season 3, when we repeated Supernatural Summer, we could get through all three seasons by doing four episodes every week and maybe skipping "Bugs."

It got harder after that. Our lives were busier, and we couldn't meet every week. And, of course, with more seasons, we didn't have time to watch all the episodes. So I did it myself, season 1 through season 4.

can tell you the names of every episode in those first three seasons, and most of the ones in season 4. But of course, I've watched those first three a lot more than the last three, and I'm embarrassingly unfamiliar with episode titles in 5 and 6.

I wasn't sure I was going to bother watching this year. As we've discussed, that level of passion is hard to sustain past six seasons. But already, I'm missing the boys. I decided to start with season 4, the episodes I can't quote word-for-word. But then, the other night, I couldn't access the DVDs and I was worried about file degradation on my old DVR, so I started watching season 6 again. As soon as I log off here, I'm going to go watch episode 3. Probably some time in July, I'll dig out the DVDs and go back to season 4.

Mainly, I love rewatching because every story arc gives a new perspective to what came before. That makes watching a completely new experience. Yeah, some of it is marveling yet again how small Jared was in the beginning compared to now. But some of it is bittersweet relationship stuff flavored by what I know is coming for them.

Great. Now I want to start with the pilot again. I just LOVE that first fight scene between them!

I know my obsession goes far beyond most of my friends. How many times have YOU watched each season? Do you plan to rewatch any of season 6 this summer?