Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Can We Reignite the Passion?

Last week, I read a list of TV shows that have been renewed or canceled, that are sure things or dead and buried. At the time, Supernatural was in the Danger Zone (now it's listed as Could Go Either Way).

I had occasion to be depressed this weekend (I don't want to talk about it stupid Jets), and my go-to cure for such is to watch Supernatural on DVD. I'm watching season 4 now, and despite the rift between Sam and Dean, the natural chemistry and brotherly relationship was funny and beautiful.

That naturalness is really missing this season. It's been easy for me to dismiss my lack of passion for the show. It's on Friday now, and my schedule is different. I forget the show is on, so I don't have the whole-day buildup. The people I used to chat with after the show aren't always available anymore (or I'm not), and I've always known my passion has lasted so long because of the synergy of the fandom, even when that was just half a dozen of us chatting online or posting/commenting here. So many fans, including some Supernatural Sisters, aren't happy with the show, and don't even put it as their favorite anymore. I admit, that affects my feelings.

I also blamed it on maturity. No relationship can burn with the passion of a thousand fiery suns forever, right? Except that passion is still there when I pop in the DVD or recite lines from past favorite episodes.

So what's going on this year?

I never thought the change in showrunner would make much difference. Sera Gamble has been here from the beginning, and Kripke hasn't gone away completely. But there's a definite atonal quality sometimes. Dean is too harsh and selfish, and the heartfelt moments, the ones that lead to "let's get out of here before we grow ladyparts" comments are missing.

Yes, a lot of that is because of Sam's missing soul, which means it may return next week when Sam does. I am DYING to have Sam back! But the humor hasn't been the same, either, especially between the brothers. I don't want to call it a misstep by the writers, because I've found the whole storyline intriguing. If I didn't have 5 seasons behind me as a viewer, I'd be loving the show this season.

But I do have those five seasons, and no matter how much I tell myself the passion is still there, it's just matured, all I have to do is watch two minutes of an old episode to know I'm lying to myself.

So what do you think? Is your passion banked, too? If so, what do you expect now that Sam's returning?