Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Castiel and What the Heck's Going on in Heaven?

My husband started talking about Castiel over breakfast the other morning. My husband has become a fan over the last two seasons, even watching without me :)

So he mentioned that he sees Castiel as a knight, as someone who's fighting on the side of right, on the side of God's will, instead of being out to serve himself, as it seems Raphael is doing. This made me wonder, then. Why does Castiel have so few allies/followers? Because it seems like he's getting his ass kicked up there. Is Raphael promising the other angels something so they'll fight alongside him? Is he offering them something in the future if the war comes out in his favor?

If God has abandoned heaven, and the angels are fighting against Castiel, who wants what's right, how much better is heaven than hell? (I know, the tortured souls and all that, but....who wants to die and go to a place in the midst of a civil war? Which also makes me wonder about the souls who are in heaven, like Ash. Are they aware of the war? Might they join in the battle? Castiel has come to humans for help before, even raised Dean from the dead. Might he convince some of the souls to fight on his side? And could they?

So yes, this started out being about Castiel and ended up with my mental ramblings, but to me the fight in heaven is as fascinating as what's going on with Sam's soul in the cage.