Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Big Story of Season Six

So many questions bloom as I’m watching the season premiere of season 6. Who brought Sam back? Where were the cousins during the Apocalypse? Do they know Sam and Dean’s role in it? Why isn’t Dean driving the Impala? Will Lisa and Ben survive until the first hellatus? Why can’t Sam have decent hair ever?


Because he’s been in heaven for more than 35 years and suddenly he and Sam are yanked back to life at the same time. He wasn’t sent back for the Apocalypse, but he’s back now because all the monsters are acting erratic. That doesn’t follow for me. It has to be a bigger reason he’s back, and based on his secretive actions, I don’t think it’s good. I don’t remember—did Dean and Sam look for him when they were in heaven? They didn’t, did they?

I’m no good at coming up with theories of whys and whos and whats. So you tell me. What do you think is going on? Or do you disagree that this is the big story?