Sunday, May 10, 2009

Other TV: Can it Compare to Supernatural?

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I love Supernatural more than any other show, but it's not the only show I love. My favorites tend to have humor, adventure, mind-bendingly serialized plots, and characters I fall for on day 1.

None of them measure up completely. SPN is the only show that's appointment TV for me. But if you take all the good stuff from each of my other current favorites, it might come closer:

1. Rick Castle's wisecracking (Castle)

2. Reaper's bad guys from hell

3. Prison Break's brothers who would do anything for each other--except right now.

4. The "where the hell are we going?" factor from Lost

5. The fake ID element in Dollhouse

6. The young buck asserting his power and a beguiling young woman who's probably untrustworthy (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles)

7. Intense co-star chemistry (Bones and, in a totally different way, Big Bang Theory)

All of those shows are ones I'd miss, but somehow, the synergy that is Supernatural is the only one I'd cry over. In my bed. With the covers over my head. For a week.

There's only been one other show my entire life that I've watched over and over and over, and carry on my iPod. Firefly had humor ("I'll be in my bunk") and depth (brother who would do anything to save his sister, captain who would do anything for his crew) and complex interpersonal relationships. If it had been allowed to continue for five seasons, I'm guessing it would trump SPN on my all-time list. As it happens, it wasn't. So I'm going to have to put them neck and neck with humor, adventure, drama, and characterization.

But there's only one show that has ripped my heart out, asked me to stuff it back in, and ripped it out again. Then stomped on it. And had me beg for more.

Since this week is sure to do that again, let me end on a lighter note. Thanks to AuthorM for the vid!

What elements do your other favorite shows share with Supernatural? Which show does it better? Weigh in with a comment, and remember that commenting enters you in the contest for a bag stuffed with goodies!