Sunday, March 29, 2009

Favorite Supernatural Vids

If you're reading this blog, you're probably at least somewhat familiar with YouTube. YouTube is everything you've ever wanted to see on video. Looking for high school football highlights for Tom Brady, superstar NFL quarterback, from nearly 15 years ago? They're there. Maybe you were born later than 1984 but wanna know why your parents keep yelling "Where's the beef?"

But YouTube is also a repository of creativity, and a great deal of it is dedicated to our favorite show. A simple search brings up 162,000 hits. Here are some of our favorites (some not safe for work):

This one is my fave, because it has excellent timing and matches the clips with the lyrics. You'll notice they've added an "advertisement" that allows you to purchase the music used (assuming that carries over from the main URL to the embedded video). That makes me squee with joy for the musicians being (well-meaningly) infringed upon by the fans.

There are probably a hundred Supernatural drinking games on YouTube. This one is magnificent for its action choices, its music, and its "interactivity" with the boys:

There's a sequel here.

Here's a short one you'll have to watch over and over, and then you'll curse me for days for the earworm:

I'm not the only Supernatural Sister who hangs out a YouTube! Mary also recommends the previous two (and heck, she might have pointed me to them in the first place!). But her favorite favorite is a South Park mix with magnificent alignment:

It's probably not a surprise that Trish said the ones Mary listed are some of her favorites, too. Plus, she is routinely cracked up by this (embedding is disabled on that one) and this:

Those two have been available on TV, of course, but thank goodness for YouTube when we want to go back and giggle.

I could fill another couple of webfeet with videos, but Tanya's got the truth of it:

"I try to stay away from them because once I'm at a place like youtube watching Winchester vids, I can lose an entire day of writing before I realize it! But when I am there, I tend to watch Dean's eye of the tiger performance and different interviews, including one of the boys at a convention talking about Texas accents :-)"

There you go! I've probably wasted a good half hour of your time there. Now it's your turn. What excellent videos have we missed? I need some replacements for the "Dude" and "Son of a Bitch" Dean videos that got taken down! Share your favorites in the comments!