Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome, Supernatural fans!

If you're a fan of things that go bump in the night -- as long as there's a hunky Winchester brother to make it go bye-bye -- then you've come to the right place. We're very excited to launch the Supernatural Sisters blog on the day when Sam and Dean return for the second half of the season. We're all waiting anxiously to see what's in store for the boys around the next curve in the road.

So you've found our site, noticed that we've identified ourselves as fangirls and writers. Now you may be wondering, just who are these fangirls? We're all published fiction authors. What do we write? Romance, young adult fiction, women's fiction, romantic adventure and whatever other kinds of stories demand to be told. So expect to see at least some posts on this blog from a writer's point of view. And if you're curious to know more, check out the links to our personal Web sites in the sidebar.

But we're not just writers. During the past few years, we've discovered that we share other things -- like our fangirldom for Supernatural. We often e-mailed each other about the episodes, about what we liked and didn't like, about our speculation of where the big story arc is going, the deeper meaning behind certain story aspects, etc. Gradually, the idea of a blog where we could share these thoughts with even more fans popped into being. We want to have a dynamic, fun online community in which to talk about all things Supernatural.

Since there are five of us, we will be posting new blog posts Monday-Friday. One day you might read about mythology in the show; the next it might be an oh-so-philosophical discussion about which brother is hotter and why. :) There will be character studies, dissections of storylines, thoughts about casting, hopefully some interviews and so much more we haven't even thought up yet. Each Friday, we will be discussing the previous night's episode while it's fresh in everyone's minds. And if two days over the weekend is just too long to wait for new content, be sure to check in on Sundays when we'll post what Winchester goodness is coming up the next week.

So, to get the discussion going, what are some of the topics you think it'd be fun to discuss here? We'll keep a running list in our idea pool.